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CCBF Action Leadership


CCBF Action Leadership


 Paris Pledge for Action (L’Appel de Paris)

The Paris Agreement on climate change was formally signed by countries across the world on 22 April 2016. It reflects the global consensus and commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to limit temperature rise to less than 2°C, and if possible under 1.5°C.

The Paris Pledge for Action enables non-state entities to formally commit to help implement the Agreement. BEC’s Board signed the Pledge in January 2016. As a signatory, BEC will work to encourage members and Hong Kong business community to help meet these commitments, through various projects, events and our educational programme. In particular, BEC’s Climate Change Business Forum Advisory Group will explore the scope for Hong Kong companies to make voluntary commitments to reduce their emissions.


Building Energy Pledge

In 2013, Members of the Business Environment Council (BEC) and Climate Change Business Forum (CCBF) are joining over 100 companies and organizations globally in taking a pledge to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions in their commercial buildings.  The pledge, which originated with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) in Geneva, Switzerland, requires signatories to commit:


To create a baseline of the company's commercial buildings and set  time-based energy and/or C02 reduction targest in line with transformative change


To publish a company policy for minimum energy performance levels in the company's commercial buildings


To define and carry out the company's audit program and implementation strategy to meet energy targets for its commercial buildings


To publish annually buildings' energy use, CO2 emissions and progress against reduction targets, in the companies' respective CSR or other report


To further promote building energy efficiency among suppliers, employees and othe stakeholders through advocacy,  marketing activity, R&D, education and training


CCBF is proud to recognize and honour the leadership of the following signatory companies and organizations:




On 25th October 2013,  BEC and CCBF hosted the Building Energy Pledge Launch event. CCBF ExCo Chair Thomas Ho, Secretary for the Environment KS Wong and Richard Lancaster, Managing Director, CLP Power HK Ltd spoke at the event. 19 companies and organizations were honoured at the event for taking the pledge.


CCBF ExCo Chair Thomas Ho delivering a welcome speech at the Building Energy Pledge Launch

Secretary for the Environment KS Wong speaking on Government's energy efficiency initiatives


Richard Lancaster, Managing Director, CLP Power HK Ltd., sharing CLP's carbon reduction goals and achievements


Secretary for the Environment KS Wong congratulating Thomas Ho, Chief Executive of Gammon Construction & CCBF ExCo Chair for signing the Pledge


                          Pledge signatories with Secretary for the Environment and CCBF Director Rachel Fleishman



















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