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Building and Energy Efficiency

Building and Energy Efficiency forms an integral part of our focus areas at BEC. We help businesses implement the latest technology to upgrade the performance built environment, enhance energy efficiency, reduce operating costs and remain competitive in a low carbon world. Our services include:

  • Building environmental evaluation, footprinting and benchmarking
  • Energy and carbon audits
  • BEAM Plus and LEED advisory
  • Gap analysis on strategy and action plan; assessment on required investment and expected returns
  • Innovative design and practices
  • Staff training and behaviour change
  • Sustainable building research

BEAM Green Building Labelling has been one of the key initiatives of BEC. We initiated Hong Kong’s Building Environmental Assessment Method (“BEAM”) in 1996, and became the only qualified BEAM assessor in Hong Kong then. Currently, we continue to contribute and advise on BEAM Plus related matters. BEC has also set up the BEC Indoor Air Quality Solutions Centre as part of the leading force to promote sustainable building. We also offer energy management services for all businesses.

To help businesses implement energy management measures, BEC carries out energy audits which will identify and quantify key energy consumers within a company's operations, including elements such as environmental control, lighting, equipment, machinery, and their costs. Through such analyses, BEC can help identify the potentials for energy savings. BEC can provide third party advice on the selection of systems for retrofits to existing premises and in the design of new premises.

We also help develop a company's energy policy in addition to benchmarking, communicating and reducing related greenhouse gases using tools such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

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