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Winning Products of Hong Kong Eco-Products Award

Hong Kong Eco-Products Award (HKEPA) is the only programe of its kind in Hong Kong to honour green excellence and promote product responsibility. The award aims to recognize environment-friendly products and those visionary companies that manufacture them, as well as to encourage local manufacturers to reduce the environmental impact arising across their products' life cycle.

Over the years, the winning products of the award have been an exceptional collection of both environmentally sound and commercially successful products which go far beyond industry standards in pollution prevention, waste reduction, energy conservation and environmental protection.

These products serve as a key example of the essential steps required to improve the life cycle performance of products and through the creation of eco-products make possible sustainable consumption. They are all excellent cases for other manufacturers to refer to on their paths of practicing responsible business.

2007 Winners of HKEPA

Gold Award

Silver Awards

Bronze Awards

Notable Mentions

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