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Waste Management

Waste management is one of the most pressing environmental issues in Hong Kong. Listed below are the recent case studies from BEC members on addressing this issue:

  • Little things help - managing in-flight waste
    In 2006, Cathay Pacific began its recycling programme in-flight with the collection of aluminium cans and plastic bottles on flights into Hong Kong.
  • Superstores Find Recovery of Waste cardboard Pays Triple Dividiends
    Wellcome Fresh Food, a member of the Jardine Group of Companies, found recycling of cardboard provides sound corporate image, contributes to environmental protection and pays back in cash...
  • Towngas Reduces Waste Foam Packagng From Gas Appliances
    The Hong Kong and China Gas Co Ltd (Towngas) has started a programme to collect and recycling expanded polystyrene (EPS) packaging of gas appliance. Towngas provides 2 collection points for installation contractors to return the EPS packaging and arrange collection by the recycler. Towngas also increase the recycle-ability of its gas appliance packaging by requesting gas appliances suppliers to convert EPS to cardboard packaging. Towngas targets a 10% annual reduction in EPS packaging. In 2001, Towngas successfully reduced EPS waste by 16%. See Towngas website for more know more about Towngas environmental programmes...


  • Turning Coal Ash into Construction Materials(PDF File)
    As a result of various promotion marketing initiatives and through sound research, CLP Power has successfully recycled most of its coal ash to for use in the construction industry now. These predominantly include the use in construction projects, cement manufacturing and as an earth-filling material. Through these applications, a solid waste is has now been recycled and turned into a useful and marketable commodity. In effect, these applications have reduced the Hong Kong's reliance on imports of ash, relieved the pressure on finding new ash storage sites and improved the structural integrity of buildings...
  • Sustainable Concrete Waste Management (PDF FIle)
    Hong Kong’s landfills are under significant pressure and current estimates suggest that based upon current waste generation rates, they only have capacity for the next 6-10 years. Construction wastes are a key consideration as they account for up to 40% of wastes sent to landfill. Gammon, in our commitment to reducing wastage reviewed the various areas of our business to see where reductions in waste generation can be made...
  • Recycling of Cable Drums (PDF File)
    The introduction of the recycling of cable drums had immediate waste reduction and other environmental benefits, including reducing waste sent to landfill, reducing labour for the breaking up of the old timber drums prior to disposal, reducing transportaiton to landfill...

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