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Council for Sustainable Development

Since 2003, the Council for Sustainable Development hasbeen an advocate of sustainable growth and has strived to put together sustainable development strategy for Hong Kong. The Council's enegament process has set a standard of community involvement in the policy-making process. BEC is an active partner in the engagement processes.

The 1st Engagement Process in 2004

In July 2004, the Council for Sustainable Development has published the first “Invitation and Response” document: Sustainable Development – Making Choices for Our Future and implemented the first engagement process, through which community were invited to discuss and comment on issues related to sustainable development in three pilot areas: Solid Waste Management, Renewable Energy and Urban Living Space. In the first engagement process, the Council hosted numbers of public forums, regional public workshops, and other programmes to engage the community in a discussion on these three pilot areas, and over 1,900 responses were received at the end of the public engagement period in November 2004. In May 2005, the Government has issued the First Sustainable Development Strategy for Hong Kong to conclude the first engagement process.

The 2nd Engagement Process in 2006

On 29 June 2006, the Council for Sustainable Development launched its second “Invitation and Response” document entitled Enhancing Population Potential for a Sustainable Future and started the second engagement process to engage the community in a dialogue exploring the options for a sustainable population policy. In the second IR document, the Council has made some initial attempts to discuss the challenges in Hong Kong’s future population structure and its potential in building a vibrant economy and healthy society. It also invites all members of the community to consider the sustainability implications of a population policy for Hong Kong from the economic, social and environmental perspectives. The public engagement period was ended in October 2006. Between this four-month engagement periods, the Council for Sustainable Development and other partner organizations have been organizing a number of district-based or sector-specific workshops and forums to collect views from the general public on sustainable population policy.

The 3rd Engagement Process in 2007

The Council for Sustainable Development has launched a new round of public engagement exercise to invite stakeholders to give their view on how different sectors of society can work together to improve the air quality of Hong Kong in 2007. Same as the previous two engagement processes, the Council for Sustainable Development has published an Invitation and Response document setting out the issues and questions on which the engagement exercise will focus. The engagement process will also involve different sectors of society in the discussion through various means including workshops, forums, roving exhibitions and other events co-organized with various partner organizations.

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