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EnviroSeries 07 - Green Collar

Business Environment Council (BEC) hosted Green Collar - Achieving Healthy, Productive and Sustainable Workplaces on 5 June 2007, a conference about empowering business leaders and building capacity to deliver sustainability at work. At the conference, fourteen policy maker, business leaders and experts in the industry gathered to build consensus on emerging trends, practical insights and success stories of reducing the ecological footprint of their organizations.

Please download the conference brochure (PDF format, 3,333 KB), in which you can learn about the messages from organization and presenting sponsor, bios of speakers and info of our sponsors and supporting organizations. You can also download the presentations from our speakers via the links below.

Keynote Session: Reducing the ecological footprint at the corporate level

Overview on energy efficiency for workplaces in Hong Kong and government's support (PDF Format, 846KB)
Mr S K Ho, Chief Engineer, Energy Efficiency Office, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, HKSAR

Making a difference - the corporate commitment to Hong Kong's waste dilemma (PDF Format, 304KB)
Ms Robyn Joseph, Director, EcoVision Asia Ltd

Shareholder value and carbon constraints as drivers for investment in sustainable workplaces (PDF Format, 445KB)
Mr Robert Gibson, Director Sustainable Development, John Swire & Sons Limited

Morning Session: Insights from overseas initiatives

Cisco connected real estate (CCRE) and environmental sustainability (PDF Format, 2,262KB)
Mr Michael Zamora, Senior Manager, Cisco Systems Inc

Cutting corporate carbon and the WWF Climate Savers Programme (PDF Format, 347KB)
Mr Liam Salter, Head, Climate Change Programme, WWF Hong Kong

Energy benchmarks - transforming the Australian market (PDF Format, 243KB)
Dr Paul Bannister, Managing Director, Exergy Australia Pty Ltd

Afternoon Session: Measuring your workplace footprint. What can be considered?

Environmentally profitable system upgrades (PDF Format, 250KB)
Dr F C Chan, General Manager, CLP Engineering Limited

Achieving value management for buildings (PDF Format, 433KB)
Mr Kevin Edmunds, Chief Operating Officer, Business Environment Council

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Solutions (PDF Format, 416KB)
Mr William Yick, Business Development Director, Johnson Controls Hong Kong Limited

Successful local stories on improving corporate sustainability

New ideas on energy efficiency applications (PDF Format, 572KB)
Mr Welman Leung, Senior Building Services Engineer, Energy Efficiency Office, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, HKSAR

Energy solutions for commercial premises (PDF Format, 254KB)
Mr Jon Seller, General Manager, Optegy

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