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Hong Kong Green Building Week 2018

Business Environment Council is pleased to be a supporting organisation of Hong Kong Green Building Week 2018 organised by Construction Industry Council and Hong Kong Green Building Council Limited.

About the Event

Following the success of the previous five years, the Construction Industry Council (CIC) and the Hong Kong Green Building Council are again co-organising Hong Kong Green Building Week (HKGBW) this year to continue the objectives on raising public awareness on green building development and sustainable lifestyle. In Hong Kong, buildings account for 90% of total electricity consumption, or 60% of Hong Kong’s carbon emissions, therefore it is crucial to drive behavioural change to a greener lifestyle for creating a liveable and sustainable city for our future generations.

The campaign will be organised in partnership with cross-sector partners and supporting organisations including the construction and development industry, education sector and green groups at community level, so that all walks of life in the city will be involved and take part in the local green building development. We believe that the campaign, now in its sixth edition, plays a vital role in assisting the Government to promote the long-term green building development strategy and policies.

The Biz-Green Dress Day is one of the programmes in HKGBW 2018. It engages business communities to adopt a greener lifestyle from their workplace. Office workers are encouraged to follow the Biz-Green dress code by dressing light yet presentable in order to save energy through minimising air conditioning consumption in the office.

August - October 2018

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