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Mitigation and Control of Cooking Fume Emissions

Implementation and Support Programme for Mitigation and Control of Cooking Fume Emissions from Restaurant Trade SMEs and Catering Industry in Hong Kong

According to Census and Statistics Department Q1 2005 figures, there are 10,884 restaurants in Hong Kong which created 238,385 jobs in the market. The value of total receipts for the restaurant sector is over 10 billion Hong Kong Dollars, illustrating that the restaurant trade is one of the most important service industries in Hong Kong. Given most of these restaurants are located near the dense populated areas, and many restaurants operators and owners lack of environmental expertise, therefore, various pollution problems are reported to be nuisances to their neighborhoods.

According to EPD's complaints statistics, the number of complaints against restaurants on air pollution for the year 2003, 2004 and 2005 are 1,134, 1,143 and 1,118 cases respectively. Although the figures look staggering, the restaurant trade is willing to put efforts into improving the air pollution problem. With better environmental awareness, the trade now eager to involve actively in and be more responsible on emission control and environmental compliance. However, there is still a wide information gap on what new emission control technologies are available or how to utilize the existing technologies to implement emission control. Therefore, this programme aims to develop a series of implementation modules and framework that introduce and provide practical guidance on how restaurant trade SMEs and the catering industry can tackle the cooking fume pollution problem in Hong Kong.

This program will be separated into four tasks: global trend research, latest technology evaluation and testing, technology and knowledge transfer and pilot scheme and case study dissemination. The knowledge developed from the scheme will be transfer to SME restaurant operations through a package of comprehensive out-reach programs.

To find out more about this program, please visit the website of Hong Kong Federation of Restaurants and Related Trade.

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