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Project Acorn

Project Acorn is a support programme to assist local organisations to improve their environmental performance through establishing environmental management systems (EMS) in a cost-effective and practical approach.

Business Environment Council (BEC) in collaboration with Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) introduced the first Project Acorn in year 2002 with funding support from the SME Development Fund administrated by the HKSAR Trade and Industry Department. Eight Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and 5 mentor companies have taken part in this programme whereby the SMEs have established their ISO 14001 EMS through a modular approach with the support and sponsorship from their corresponding mentors. The participating SMEs received training, practical guidance and on-site advice from both BEC and HKPC consultants as well as professional assessments from independent certification bodies to recognize their successful achievements.

Based on the experience gained from the first Project Acorn, BEC and HKPC are now introducing the Second Project Acorn using an improved and tailored approach for a larger target group of local organisations. We are currently recruiting local organisations to participate in this second programme.

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