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Simon Ng

Mr Simon Ng
Advisor - Policy & Research | E

Mr Simon Ng is an advisor to BEC on environmental policy and research. He is an independent consultant working mainly on air quality, urban transportation, and sustainability issues. Trained as a geographer, Mr Ng is known for his ground-breaking work on ship emissions inventory in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta, his collaboration with the shipping industry leading to the Fair Winds Charter, and his research and engagement work on walkability.

Mr Ng has over 20 years of experience in academic/policy research, project management and stakeholder's engagement. He took the chief research officer role in a leading independent public policy think tank, and was a visiting scholar of one of the top universities in Hong Kong. Mr Ng is also members of many professional bodies of transport and logistics, and environmental management. Internationally, Mr Ng is an expert member of the UNCRD Regional Environmentally Sustainable Transport Forum in Asia since 2006.

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