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Social Enterprise Summit 2019

Business Environment Council is pleased to be a supporting organisation of Social Enterprise Summit 2019 organised by Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum.

About the Event

The annual Social Enterprise Summit (SES) is hailed as the major cross-sector platform to advance social entrepreneurship and social innovation. This flagship event is entering into the 12th year, consolidating the experiences with delegates from the civic society, business corporations, government and academic sectors
from Hong Kong, Asia and other parts of the world, in a strong momentum to witness the up and coming innovations.

The theme this year is “Designing for Happiness”. The thread to seamless cross-sector collaborations and initiatives is to create a happier society for all. This year, we will focus on designing different types of social innovation which aim at creating concepts and solutions to social problems that are practical, scalable and sustainable. Together with business and social innovators, policy makers, academics and young people, we will examine the subjects of “Designing Happy Business”; “Designing Good Finance”; “Designing for Social Inclusion” and “Collaborating for Happiness”.

Date: 18 - 25 November 2019
Event website: please CLICK here
Event flyer: please CLICK here


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