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"Textiles Technology x Sustainability Initiatives in Hotels" Seminar

Business Environment Council is pleased to be a supporting organisation of "Textiles Technology x Sustainability Initiatives in Hotels" Seminar

About the Event

Sustainability has long been a challenging concern for the hospitality industry which its activities impact the environmental, social and economic dimensions of the world.   There are textile and fashion technologies developed to help the hospitality industry to tackle the sustainability issues.  The seminar of “Textiles Technology x Sustainability Initiatives in Hotels” offers golden opportunities to connect with industry pioneers including functional material specialist, linen suppliers and corporate laundry professional. They will share their insights and experience in  the following aspects.

i)  Thermal and sleeping comfort;

ii)  Sustainable and functional materials;

iii)  Sustainable corporate laundry and recycling assurance;

Event details


10 May 2018 (Thur)


2:30pm – 5:30pm


The Vault (Please click here for location map) 
(Basement, Overseas Trust Bank Building, 160 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai)


Cantonese/ Putonghua

Target audience:

Management in hospitality industry/ hotels textiles suppliers/ home textiles suppliers.


Free of charge (Limited seats, First-come-first-served) 


For registration, please click HERE

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