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Transport Oriented Development Asia Conference 2013
Event Date: 10 Sep - 11 Sep 2013
Contact: Facility Media

Business Environment Council is pleased to be a supporting organisation of Transport Oriented Development Asia Conference 2013.

About the Conference

New development and financing models will be examined at Transport Oriented Development (TOD) Asia Conference 2013.

Sweeping across Asia is a new trend that promises to meet these challenges by bringing infrastructure, property and commercial development in both new and existing cities. TOD had its origins in the ‘rail + property’ model pioneered in cities such as Hong Kong, where the sales of real estate development properties around metropolitan railway stations financed the building of the railway. Slowly the concept has grown until, with tweaks in the model and a flexible approach by both governments and private sector, it has exploded into a truly integrated win-win real estate model. Now the property developments cover not just rail and road interchanges but are centered around sea and air transportation options. In addition these property developments can cover the public transportation running costs.

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