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BEC Membership

Join BEC and gain unparalleled access to Hong Kong's leading coalition of responsible business and experts on sustainable development.

Our membership comprises of organisations of all sizes across diverse sectors including various leading business, government, academic and community organisations. The membership is open to companies of all sizes and all sectors that are interested in learning, sharing, or leading responsible business practices which balance economic, social and environmental interests. Through BEC membership, companies not only gain BEC as their trusted partner, but can also access a full suite of services and tools.

Every member enjoys a host of privileges and benefits including:

  • Stakeholder Connection connection to like-minded organisations in the industry for collaboration, benchmarking, and idea exchange through formal and social events, as well as members-driven committees.
  • Knowledge Transfer access to best practices and emerging trends in ESG from business leaders and visionaries via our networking conferences and events.
  • Environmental Advocacy to be associated with like-minded companies with core value that promotes excellence in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues.
  • Policy contribution opportunities to participate actively in consultations and focus group discussions that shape the government policy agenda for sustainability and competitiveness of Hong Kong.

We would be glad to answer any enquiry you may have or visit your office to explain in details the value and benefits of being a BEC member. Please feel free to contact the Membership team at  (852) 2784 3960 or

You may also see our Memorandum and Articles of Association.


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