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Membership Scheme

We welcome organisations of all sectors or all sizes to join hands with us to move forward Hong Kong's sustainable development. We appreciate both learners and leaders who have strong commitment and respect for social and environmental aspects while doing business.

We have four types of membership: Council Member, Corporate Member, General Member and Affiliate Member.

  • Council Members - Apply to leading listed, multinational or holding companies, large private or government-mandated corporations.
    Joining fee: HK$100,000
    Annual fee: HK$55,000

  • Corporate Members - Apply to multinational companies or overseas companies with substantial business presence or operations in Hong Kong.
    Annual fee: HK$22,000 (no joining fee)

  • General Members - Apply to Medium Enterprises or Small & Medium Enterprises.
    Annual fee: HK$ 4,400 (no joining fee)

  • Affiliate Members - Apply to organisations that are: 

                a. Non-profit-making organisations with charitable status which are except from tax under section 88 of the Hong Kong SAR Inland Revenue Ordinance;

                 b. Statutory Bodies governed by the related Hong Kong SAR statutory ordinance.

                 Annual fee: HK$550 (no joining fee)

You may apply for BEC membership online or download our membership application form here. For further information, please contact our Membership team at  (852) 2784 3951 or


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