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BEC Low-carbon School - Eco Expo 2016

Funded by the Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) and the Environmental Campaign Committee (ECC), BEC strives to continue with our efforts on this partnership programme with schools, by organizing  “ECF BEC Low-carbon School – Eco Expo Asia 2016” from September 2016 to March 2017.

This Programme aims to provide sustainable environmental awareness education and promote low-carbon behaviour to our young generations (local primary and secondary schools) through a series of activities related to the Eco-Expo Asia 2016.  Key elements of the Programme include:

1. Expo Guided Tours during the Expo Public-Day on 29 October 2016

BEC will organise Expo Guided Tours for primary and secondary school students (400-1000 students from 28 schools) to explore this annual environmental event.

2. ECF BEC Low-carbon School – “Dialogue with the Secretary for the Environment” seminar during the Eco-Expo Asia 2016 on 29 October 2016

The Expo Guided Tour participants have an invaluable opportunity to learn and exchange their innovative ideas on the topic of embracing a green and sustainable future with the Secretary for the Environment.

3. ECF BEC Low-carbon Lifestyle Roving Drama Shows from December 2016 to March 2016

Through collaborating with professional drama association, BEC will organise the “ECF BEC Low-carbon Lifestyle Roving Drama Shows” for local primary school students to participate.  A 20 minutes drama show covering aspects on climate change, energy conservation and waste reduction will be presented to audiences.

Please click here to download the Enrolment Form (Chinese version only) for the above activities.

For any further information about the Programme, please feel free to contact Ms Christy LEUNG at 2784 3941 or Ms Sze YUEN at 2784 3916 or


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