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FHKI 1-1-1 Environmental Programme

BEC has supported the Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI) in the development and implementation of its One Factory-One Year-One Environmental Project (1-1-1) Programme since May 2005. This program aims to reduce pollution in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) region, home to 70,000 factories from and funded by Hong Kong companies.

The programme also sharpens the focus on what needs to be done in Hong Kong and the PRD. In our role as Advisor, BEC advises on the framework, guidelines, judging criteria, program logistics and recruitment of the Program. All companies are invited to take part. After signing in to the program, the company is a member. More than that, membership is treated, assessed and recognised as a continual forward process where, at the pinnacle, your company stands the chance to receive the supreme recognition as Green Industrialist of the Year. This is one of the three levels of recognition:

  • Green Participant (Level One)
  • Green Medalist (Level Two)
  • Best Environmental Project / Green Industrialist of the Year (Supreme Level)

Please click here for more details of the programme from the FHKI website.

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