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Clean Air Charter

Air pollution has long been a key focus for BEC. BEC is the endorser of the widely recognised Clean Air Charter organized by Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC). BEC is also the verification and certification body for subscribers to or signatories of the Charter. The voluntary certification scheme independently certifies subscribers of the Clean Air Charter to showcase their achievements in tackling air pollution in Hong Kong and the Pan Pearl River Delta Region.

This voluntary certification scheme has been designed to:

  • Independently certify companies compliant to the the Clean Air Charter
  • Where necessary provide practical guidance and assistance to endorsers of the Clean Air Charter
  • Give recognition to the Charter-compliant companies and showcase their achievements
  • Disseminate Charter compliance information and success stories to help encourage more companies to participate

The certification scheme is applicable to organizations of all sizes and industries. The scheme addresses signatories of their air pollution or emission control at three levels from early adopter to the advanced one. Experts from BEC or the wider sector will provide audit, consultancy, investigation and certification, at the same time disseminate charter compliance information and experience sharing success cases.

Please click here for the information kit of the scheme and the application form. On receipt of your application, representative will contact you to arrange the program for certification of your organization.

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