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Transformation Project

BEC has long strived to advocate environmental stewardship and sustainability amongst Hong Kong businesses. We are now embarking on a community-wide initiative to promote building energy efficiency and low carbon living. The initiative involves transforming our headquarters into an iconic showcase for greening existing buildings as well as creating an education and resources centre with exemplar performance for advocating and educating the community in environmental protection and sustainable lifestyle.

Visit our website Nexus of Sustainability to find out more information about the Project.

Partnership Engagement Workshop

A partnership engagement workshop was held on 2 November 2011, for providing information on this project, as well as for generating collective and innovative ideas and exploring co-operation opportunities. Keen interest and response was shown by the participants at the workshop.

Please click the links below for information discussed at the BEC Headquarters Transformation Partnership Engagement Workshop:


Introduction of BEC Headquarters Transformation Project
Preliminary architectural design ideas
Sustainable design in technical aspect


BEC Headquarters Transformation Project



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