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Welcome to BEC website. There may be things you want to know about us. Listed below are some of them. If you cannot find your answer here, you may always contact us.

What type of organisation is BEC?
BEC is the longest running independent, charitable organisation in Hong Kong promoting corporate, social and environmental responsibility. Started in 1992 by key business leaders to discuss and identify appropriate actions to address environmental problems in Hong Kong, the name of BEC was formally adopted in 2000.

Who runs BEC?
BEC is led by a Board of Directors, which provides strategic direction. Our daily operation is driven by our executive and professional team of about 40 under the leadership of the Chief Executive Officer. While members of the Board are elected among our members, our executive and professional team comprises of full-time staff who develops and implements the appropriate policies, programmes and services to ensure that BEC's objectives are met.

Who are the members of BEC?
Our membership comprises of organisations of all sizes across diverse sectors, including various leading business, government, academic and community organisations.

Who can become a BEC member?
As a non-government organisation promoting corporate social and environmental responsibility, our membership is open to companies of all sizes and from all sectors that are interested in learning, sharing, or leading responsible business practices in an environmentally, socially and economically balanced manner.

How can my company become a BEC member?
You can fill in our membership application form here or contact our membership team at (852) 2784 3951 or

What services does BEC offer?
BEC helps companies achieve a higher environmental standard and facilitate knowledge sharing in the business sector, aiming to advocate environmental protection amongst our members and the broader community, the uptake of clean technologies and practices which reduce waste, conserve resources, prevent pollution, and improve the environment. We advise the sector in building and energy efficiency, indoor air quality, environmental management system, environmental, social and governance advisory, environmental education, and others.

How can I be involved in BEC's activities?
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