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[Conference] BEC EnviroSeries Conference 2021: Redefining Business Leadership for Green Growth
Event Date:
04 Jun 2021
Event Time:
09:15 AM - 04:45 PM


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The world was changing at a considerable pace well before the COVID-19 outbreak. The global pandemic has accelerated and intensified some of those changes, escalated doubt and concern about the ‘old normal’ and driven calls for a green recovery and a better future for all – a common vision that embraces sustainability, resilience, equity, diversity, and one where people can live well and within planetary boundaries.

For the business sector, unprecedented disruptions to the markets and supply chains and challenges in operations in the past years have led to short-term solutions as companies of all sizes adapt for survival. Reflecting on the impact of COVID-19 in the broader context of conventional business model, strategies and practices, forward-thinking companies are already on the move. They are looking to stay relevant and ahead in an uncompromising business environment coupled with ever-changing consumer behaviours and expectations. Business leaders are studying the megatrends that would impact them and trying to evolve and transform for long-term business sustainability that creates value not just to their shareholders, but also to their stakeholders and society at large. As the world has changed, so must business leadership. This is not about making a tweak here and there; this is more about fundamental mindset shift and radical action that would lead to transformative change in the way how we conduct business, how we see and optimise business influence, how business connects with people and nature, and how business success is being measured.

This conference aims to support BEC members and the wider business community to redefine business leadership for long-term business sustainability. Specifically, the conference will

(a) help identify megatrends and set new priorities for businesses in face of the emerging risks and challenges under the ‘new normal’, and

(b) discuss how business leaders can successfully navigate these risks and challenges through mindset shift, system transformation and the creation of shared value.


Speaker List


Session 1 (09:20 – 10:00)
Setting New Priorities for Businesses
This session will set the scene for the rest of the Conference by identifying the new business sustainability risks and challenges and setting new priorities and transformative pathways for the business sector in the long run. There will be a discussion on business leadership and the qualities required for sustained success.

Session 2 (10:20 – 11:30)
Are you Thinking Circular?
Early transition from a linear to a circular economy is crucial to better resource use and management in the future. This session will challenge business leaders to think circular, or else resources will be spent recurringly on waste handling and treatment at the tail-end, without making any contribution to resource preservation and waste prevention.

Session 3 (11:50 – 13:00)
Connecting Nature with Business
‘Doing no harm’ to Planet Earth is no longer good enough as businesses should instead look to support the environmental and social systems for self-healing and recovery through a regenerative approach. This session will facilitate a conversation with business leaders on why nature loss is a major material risk to business, and how nature-positive business strategies and nature-based solutions could be mainstreamed in the corporate world.

Session 4 (14:00 – 15:10)
Embracing Innovation in a Changing Landscape
The use of innovation and technology is integral to business development and economic growth. While innovation will have a fundamental role to play in post-COVID recovery, it is pertinent to require innovation and technology to also account for social and environmental impact, i.e., they are sustainable throughout the lifecycle and/or value chain. This session will discuss how businesses in the ‘new normal’ of stakeholder capitalism could realign their innovation strategy and business objectives with these ‘new’ concepts of growth.

Session 5 (15:30 – 16:40)
Pursuing Climate Readiness and Transparency
Governments setting ambitious net-zero targets and clear timeline will give businesses direction and confidence in committing to their own carbon reduction pathways. However, this is just the first step. This session will focus on the building blocks towards becoming a net-zero emissions company, such as climate readiness and competency through internal capacity building, climate transparency through the implementation of TCFD, integration of these issues into all aspects of the business, and communications of the company’s commitment to this transformation.


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Non-BEC Member: HK$100 (full-day programme)


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[Conference] BEC EnviroSeries Conference 2021: Redefining Business Leadership for Green Growth
Event Date:
04 Jun 2021
Event Time:
09:15 AM - 04:45 PM