• The Centre for Environmental Technology (CET), predecessor of Business Environment Council (BEC), is established to pool resources and provide practical assistance to polluting industries on how to clean up through research, training, conferences and award programmes.

Centre for Environmental Technology (CET)

  • The Governor's Award for Industry in Environmental Protection is launched (subsequently named the Hong Kong Awards for Industries in Environmental Performance, organised by CET).
  • CET organises the Factory Fora and Visit Programme to demonstrate best practices in air and water pollution prevention, waste minimisation and cleaner production for more than 3,000 factories, and sets up a cross-sector industry environmental hotline, which handles over 3,000 enquiries from companies on how to address environmental issues.
  • CET is an adviser for the first Eco-Labelling Life-Cycle Analysis and Green Purchasing Study in Hong Kong on behalf of the Environmental Protection Department.