• Former HKSAR Government Chief Secretary Mrs Anson Chan officiates at the opening of the BEC building in the Jockey Club Environmental Building, a sustainable development resource centre for the Hong Kong community.
  • PCSE formally launches the Building Environmental Assessment Method (BEAM), a voluntary assessment scheme to measure, improve and label the environmental sustainability of buildings.
  • CET organises the first Energy Efficient Building Award on behalf of the HKSAR Government, which recognised outstanding performance in the design, installation and integration of building services systems to achieve high-energy efficiency.
  • CET publishes the International Legislation and Trends in Transport Packaging for Hong Kong manufacturers.
  • PSCE publishes a bilingual guide titled Hong Kong Exporters on Europe's Packaging Waste Management System.
  • CET co-develops a sustainable tourism strategy with the Hong Kong Tourist Association.
  • PSCE rallies 20 private-sector and government leaders to sign the United Nations Environmental Programme's (UNEP) International Declaration on Cleaner Production. The ceremony is officiated by Mr Tung Chee Hwa, former Chief Executive of the HKSAR Government.
  • CET initiates the inaugural Hong Kong Eco-Products Award with support from the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, the Chinese Manufacturers' Association, the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, and the Federation of Hong Kong Industries to honour outstanding environmental products across the entire product life cycle.
  • CET is renamed as Business Environment Council (BEC), taking up the roles of both PSCE and CET who have completed their historical missions.

Business Environment Council (BEC)

  • BEC organises the first Markets and Investor Conference on financing sustainable development.