• BEC launches two youth-engagement programmes – BEC Low-Carbon Home for tertiary students and BEC Low-Carbon School for secondary students – to promote low-carbon living and a business-society coalition through a series of activities. Under BEC Low-Carbon School, BEC begins organising Dialogue with the Secretary for the Environment at Eco Expo Asia, an annual international trade fair on environmental protection.
  • BEC sets up the BEC Institute of Environmental Education (BEC IEE) to provide a platform for business managers and decision-makers to develop expertise in environment-related topics and facilitate decision-making. BEC IEE also facilitates professional development by promoting quality environmental education through various environmental education programmes.
  • The BEC Leadership Networking Series is kicked off in September with the aim of providing a platform for sustainability leaders and practitioners to share their insights on environmental and sustainability issues in an open and relaxing atmosphere.
  • BEC sets up four advisory groups to promote best practices among members and the wider business community on four key environmental topics: ESG (Environment, Social and Governance), waste management, energy, and climate change.
  • The BEC Policy Dialogue Series is launched in January to provide unique opportunities for BEC members to have discussions with senior government officials on major environmental affairs pertinent to Hong Kong, learn more about the policy direction of the Government, and provide input.
  • The BEC Building achieves the Platinum rating of Provisional Assessment under the BEAM Plus Existing Buildings (version 1.2), making it the first commercial building in Hong Kong to achieve the highest level of recognition under the BEAM Plus assessment for existing buildings.
  • BEC’s advisory services relating to building, energy, environmental management, corporate sustainability and the BEC Institute of Environmental Education are certified to ISO 9001:2008.
  • The BEC Transport and Logistics Advisory Group is formed to promote environmental sustainability in transportation and logistics amongst BEC members and the broader business community in Hong Kong.