• BEC co-launches the Power Up Coalition, a BEC Low Carbon Charter initiative which is the first-of-its-kind coalition to address decarbonisation challenges specific to the construction sector in Hong Kong. The initiative encourages the timely electrification of non-public works construction sites in Hong Kong and to promote zero-emission construction sites.
  • The BEC Low Carbon Charter reaches 100 signatories.
  • BEC launches the Leadership Forum Series with Invest Hong Kong to organise webinars on latest policies related to sustainable development in Hong Kong.
  • BEC is recognised as a Carbon Neutrality Partner by the Environment Bureau for its supports and efforts in decarbonising Hong Kong.
  • BEC is accredited as a WELL Performance Testing Organisation (“WELL PTO”), being the first Hong Kong-based non-profit organisation offering the service. BEC is also pleased to achieve the WELL Health-Safety Rating (“WELL HSR”) for Facility Operations and Management of its Jockey Club Environmental Building (“JCEB”)