[Co-organised by BEC] BEC + InvestHK Leadership Forum Series 2022 #1 – Hydrogen: Hype or Reality for Hong Kong?

Event Date
26 May 2022
Event Time
4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
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BEC continues to partner with Invest Hong Kong in 2022 under the Leadership Forum Series and organises a series of events on pressing climate and environmental topics. The first webinar will look into the role of hydrogen in Hong Kong’s decarbonisation. Our keynote speaker, Secretary for the Environment Mr K.S. Wong, and industrial experts will share the perspectives of hydrogen on Hong Kong’s climate policies, latest hydrogen solutions and practicality in Hong Kong’s context. A dedicated panel discussion will be facilitated to understand its application in transport sector.

Speakers and Panellists

Keynote Speaker




Mr K.S. Wong
Secretary for the Environment, Hong Kong SAR 

Mr K.S. Wong was born in 1963 and graduated from the Department of Architecture of the University of Hong Kong.  He received further education on sustainable built environment in the postgraduate program from the University of British Columbia in Canada.  He assumed the post of the Secretary for the Environment of the HKSAR Government on 1 July 2012.

As an architect by profession, Mr Wong has been promoting sustainable built environment since 1990s.  His designs and researches on sustainable built environment have won him various local, regional and international awards.  He served as the founder Chairman of the Environment and Sustainable Development Committee of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects, the Chairman of the Professional Green Building Council and the Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Green Building Council, and has contributed to the promotion and research of the standards and guidelines for sustainable built environment applicable to the high-density urban environment of Hong Kong.

During his tenure as the Secretary for the Environment, Mr Wong has launched and updated a number of policy blueprints covering air quality, waste management, energy saving, climate actions and biodiversity.



Mr Victor Kwong
General Manager - Corporate Sustainability and Chairman, Environmental Working Committee, The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited

Mr Victor Kwong is General Manager - Corporate Sustainability and Chairman, Environmental Working Committee of the Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited. He has also been Director of Business Environment Council, past President of The Hong Kong Federation of Occupational Safety and Health Associations, etc.

Towngas operates over 500 projects in Hong Kong and mainland China. These include piped city-gas projects, upstream and midstream developments, water supply and urban waste utilisation projects, natural gas filling stations, as well as new energy exploration and utilisation ventures.

Mr Kwong has more than 39 years of experience in the areas of corporate sustainability, environmental protection, building energy saving, occupational health and safety, fire protection, crisis management and security protection, etc.  He coordinates the corporation’s efforts to improve sustainability and safety performance through effective risk management system, energy saving programs, carbon reduction, climate change risk reduction, etc.



Mr Kenny Chan 
Vice President, Siemens Energy

Kenny Chan is the Vice President of Siemens Energy Limited heading all activities in Siemens Energy professions in Hong Kong & Macau.  Kenny joined Siemens since 2000 and held several project leadership roles in related to power transmission and distribution infrastructure projects.  Kenny was appointed to Siemens AG, Germany in 2011 for an extensive one-year energy technology delegation program focusing on high power transmission, generation and switching technologies.

Currently, Kenny leads the professional team to provide innovative solutions in energy generation, renewable energy sources, energy storage and digitalized applications across the energy sectors with the goal to achieve decarbonisation.  

Kenny earned a Master of Science in Project Management from the University of South Australia and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He completed the executive and leadership programs during his time in Siemens and is a chartered engineer in Hong Kong Institute of Engineer.



Mr Adam Leishman
Chief Executive, Bravo Transport Services

Adam is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Ascendal Group, a business that aims to bring cities to life by re-thinking public transport systems in the world’s leading cities. With operations across three continents, and financing and advisory contracts in 40 cities globally, Adam has established Ascendal as a change agent, bringing tangible improvements to how public transport is perceived and delivered.

As part of his responsibilities at Ascendal, Adam serves as Chief Executive of Bravo Transport, Hong Kong’s second largest bus operation. Whilst managing over 5,000 staff, 1,700 buses and transporting more than 1 million people each day, he is leading the drive for developing and deploying ground-breaking zero emission vehicle solutions tailored for Hong Kong. He has recently launched the world’s first tri-axle battery electric double decker bus and will soon be launching the equivalent hydrogen fuel cell vehicle for extensive real-world testing.

Adam previously served as Founder and Chief Executive of Tower Transit Group, playing a fundamental role in leading the high-profile transformations of franchised bus services in both London and Singapore. This resulted in achieving numerous international awards, including the highly coveted British International Business of the Year Award 2017.




Mr Albert Lau
Director and CEO, Epro Advance Technology  

Albert graduated at age of 20 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Materials Science and Engineering and a minor in Environmental Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. Since graduation, he has returned to Hong Kong, and worked extensively in the field of energy and environment, ranging from silicon material synthesis, lithium ion batteries, solid state hydrogen, photovoltaic as well as water treatment processes. Albert is the co-inventor of several families of patents filed in major economies, countries and regions.

Before founding Epro Advance Technology in 2015 where Albert serves as Director and CEO, Albert has co-founded 2 manufacturing companies over a period of 16 years, and served as Director and COO in both companies, managing around 600 people across Hong Kong, China and USA.

Albert also holds a LLB degree from University of London.




Ms Cynthia Zhu
Head of International, Sinosynergy

Cynthia is the Head of International at Sinosynergy. She looks after the international business of the company.

She has over 15 years international experiences in UK, Hong Kong and mainland China.  Before joining Sinosynergy, her focus was on energy, healthcare sector and investment. She was the chairwoman of a Hong Kong listed company in the energy sector.

Cynthia is one of the council members of Chinese Financial Association of Hong Kong. She has been awarded The Outstanding Businesswomen Award 2020 in Hong Kong. Cynthia graduated with a Master Degree in Management Research from the University of Oxford.





Mr Andy Wong
Head of Innovation & Technology, Invest Hong Kong

Mr Andy Wong is the Head of Innovation and Technology at InvestHK.  He leads a team of technology specialists to focus on attracting and facilitating overseas investments in Hong Kong for setting up and expanding their business operations.  His key focused technology clusters include biomedical, medical devices, healthcare services, AI and robotics, microelectronics and environmental. 

Mr Wong has wealth strategy consulting and business development experience in the technology sector.  Prior to InvestHK, Mr Wong was a consulting director at PwC and at Cisco Systems where he led the technology consulting team to help corporate undertake business transformation through applications of advanced technologies and best practice processes.

Mr Wong graduated from the University of Birmingham, the UK in Electronic and Electrical Engineering and has a Master Degree in Business and Accounting from the University of New South Wales, Australia.  Mr Wong is a Chartered Engineer in the UK and a CPA from Australia.