Business Environment Council Expresses Appreciation to 10 Years+ Members 2023

Business Environment Council Limited (“BEC”) held its “10 Years+ Member Appreciation Ceremony” yesterday (16 March) to appreciate the support from the latest batch of 14 member companies who entered their tenth or twentieth year of BEC membership. The ceremony was hosted together with the new member certification presentation session for March 2023.

Mr Kevin O’Brien, Chairman of BEC, expressed his gratitude to all long-standing members for their continued support, which reflects the strong commitment of BEC members to achieving environmental excellence. He said at the ceremony, “Today, we reach a record high of 250 members with 78 members who have joined us for 10 years or more. We are glad to show our appreciation to our members on this special occasion. We look forward to working together with our members and the government to galvanise business actions towards environmental excellence and net zero in Hong Kong.”

BEC members who have received the recognition at “BEC 10 Years+ Member Appreciation Ceremony” in 2023 are as follows:

20 Years Members

Kingdom Fine Metal Limited

The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited

Remarks: Alphabetical listing by organisation name


10 Years Members

China Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection (Hong Kong) Investment Co., Limited

China Everbright Environmental Group Limited

Chun Wo Development Holdings Limited

Cundall Hong Kong Limited

Green Island Cement Company Limited

Hongkong Land Limited

Hong Yip Service Co., Ltd.

Kai Shing Management Services Limited

Kerry Properties Limited

NWS Holdings Limited

Ocean Park Corporation

TUV Rheinland Hong Kong Limited

Remarks: Alphabetical listing by organisation name