BEC CEO Dialogue Shares Best Practices for Formulating Roadmap towards Net Zero

Business Environment Council Limited (“BEC”) today organised its biannual signature event “BEC CEO Dialogue”, attracting leaders, professionals and experts from diverse sectors of the business world to join.

Focusing on the theme of “Formulating the Roadmap towards Net Zero as Conglomerate: Challenges and Way Forward”, Mr Eric Ma, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of NWS Holdings Limited, was invited as our honourable guest to exchange views with Ms Susanna Wong, Board Director of BEC, and Mr Simon Ng, Chief Executive Officer of BEC, on hurdles the conglomerate is facing in formulating its net-zero roadmap and how to overcome these challenges with his strategic mindset.

Mr Simon Ng expressed, “Crafting a roadmap towards net-zero is an intricate task for conglomerates. Unwavering determination and strategic leadership are necessary to overcome the numerous obstacles ahead. Challenges include limited access to renewable energy sources, supply chain management, investments in innovative technologies for transitioning to net-zero, stakeholder engagement, and the list goes on. Through today’s CEO Dialogue, we are pleased to have gained invaluable insights from NWS Holdings Limited on its sustainability approach and how to transform its strategies into actions for a more sustainable Hong Kong for all.”

Mr Eric Ma said, “Climate transition is never easy, but there are opportunities as well as risks. To succeed, companies must recognise new possibilities for value creation and go beyond regulatory mandates and shareholder expectations. A clear value proposition is key to aligning business units and pivoting their focus for decarbonisation. As part of the process, we have to set boundaries for the climate ambitions and focus on the material aspects for progress and consider how business units differ in contributing to the net-zero agenda.

The enlightening dialogue among the three distinguished executives was appreciated by the audience who were able to get significant insights on combating challenges on the path to net zero and learned how to foster collaboration with stakeholders to achieve carbon neutrality goals by 2050.

“BEC CEO Dialogue” is a new signature event of BEC launched in the year of 2022 which marks the 30th Anniversary of the organisation, aiming to provide a platform for idea exchange and experience sharing among business leaders and senior executives. Prestigious CEOs from renowned companies and organisations are invited as honourable guests to share their valuable insights on topics related to environmental excellence and sustainability in Hong Kong.


In the “BEC CEO Dialogue” held on 28 July, NWS Holdings Limited CEO Mr Eric Ma (middle) exchanges views with BEC Board Director Ms Susanna Wong (right) and CEO Mr Simon Ng (left), under the theme of “Formulating the Roadmap towards Net Zero as Conglomerate: Challenges and Way Forward”