January 2017

BEC Wishes You a Prosperous Year of the Rooster

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. BEC would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a happy, prosperous, and healthy Year of the Rooster!


BEC Monthly Feature

BEC Welcomes New CEO

BEC announced the appointment of Mr Adam Koo as the Chief Executive Officer of BEC with effect from 3 January 2017.

Mr Koo will lead the team and work closely with the Board of Directors to execute the organization’s strategies and further its core attributes. BEC will continue to collaborate with the Government, business sector and partners on advancing businesses’ practices in terms of environmental protection, and their contribution to the transition to a low carbon Hong Kong.


BEC Upcoming Events

13 February : BEC Spring Dinner – a sustainable and green Monday

In the festival month of Chinese New Year, BEC will bring our members with delicious, but green and sustainable food at the Spring Dinner to be held on 13 February.

The dinner will provide an excellent opportunity for members to share ideas on environmental and sustainability issues with our guest from Environmental Protection Department and Green Monday, to meet and mingle with like-minded business executives, and also to celebrate the Chinese New Year together.

For registration and enquiry, please contact Ms Jill Chow (T. 2784 3942 | E. jill@bec.org.hk).

17 February :  BEC Industry Visit to Lok Ma Chau Ecological Enhancement Area 

BEC is organizing an Eco Tour to Lok Ma Chau Ecological Enhancement Area, which is located in the restricted area of south-western side of Lok Ma Chau Station and managed by the MTR Corporation. Participants will have a closer look at the favourable habitats which help conserving a wide range of wildlife species, and learn more about how it plays a pivotal role in protecting regional biodiversity.

For registration and enquiry, please contact Ms Jeanne Chan (T. 2784 3924 | E. jeannechan@bec.org.hk)

24 February : Renewable Energy – How can it thrive in Hong Kong? 

Renewable energy development has a significant role to play in achieving an ultra-low carbon electricity market.  As the Hong Kong Government launched its new Climate Change Action Plan 2030+ on 20 January, including 2030 carbon targets, BEC, WWF and Hong Kong Baptist University’s Asian Energy Studies Centre bring together government, business and NGOs to facilitate a dialogue on policy measures and actions that can be introduced in the city to facilitate such an energy transition, with a focus on optimization of renewable energy.

For registration and enquiry, please contact Ms Jill Chow (T. 2784 3942 | E. jill@bec.org.hk).

16 May: BEC EnviroSeries Conference 2017 – Circular Economy: Towards a Resource Efficient Hong Kong

The upcoming BEC EnviroSeries Conference will bring together thought leaders, senior executives and policy experts from the government and business sectors to examine opportunities, strategies, innovative technologies and collaborative initiatives in promoting circular economy. We aim to inspire our audiences to optimize the utilization of assets by adopting the circular business model for enhancing not only business performance, but also the competitiveness and economic growth for Hong Kong. Speaking topics include:

  • Rethinking waste and discovering the value of waste in the circular economy
  • From waste prevention to product life extension: reuse, recycle, repair, reprocess and upcycling
  • The final step - waste to energy in the circular economy and implications for Hong Kong

For registration and enquiry, please contact Ms Cathy Lo (T. 2784 3922 | E. cathy@bec.org.hk). For sponsorship & speaking opportunities, please contact Ms Janice Cheung (T. 2784 3968 | E. janicecheung@bec.org.hk).

BEC News

BEC is developing recommendations on Hong Kong 2030+

BEC is in the process of developing policy recommendations in relation to the public engagement on Hong Kong 2030+, the new strategic plan for the territory. BEC will be working with a core group of members drawn from our Advisory Groups to look at how the plan could be enhanced, with a Government briefing session in February and a panel discussion open to all towards the end of March. If you are interested in getting more involved, please contact Mr Jonathan Ho on jonathanho@bec.org.hk

BEC Submission on Refuse Collection and Resource Recovery

Hong Kong faces a challenge in terms of waste management with landfill close to capacity and high carbon costs as a result of limited reuse and recycling. BEC, therefore, made a submission to Legislative Subcommittee and expressed its views on refuse collection and resource recovery. The submission sets out both short term and long term recommendations for Government in response to the challenge. The full submission is on BEC website.


BEC Partnership Programme

14 January : Towngas Green and Healthy Cooking Micro-film Competition Award Presentation Ceremony 

With the support of Towngas, BEC organised a “Towngas Green and Healthy Cooking Micro-film Competition” as a continuum of BEC Low Carbon School 2015 Microfilm Competition, and two training classes on videography and green cooking for a group of youngsters. This micro-film competition aimed to enhance the young people’s awareness on low-carbon healthy cooking and to recognize their passions about green through their application of microfilm production techniques.

The final judging cum prize-presentation ceremony was held on 14 January 2017. We are honored to have Mr Victor Kwong, Head of Corporate Health, Safety and Environment and Chairman of Environmental Working Committee of Towngas, Mr Adam Koo, CEO of BEC, Mr Edwin Lau, Founder and Executive Director of The Green Earth and Mr Sandy Yip, Senior Media Consultant as our judges in the final judging session. The winners of the competition are as follows:

Prizes Schools
Champion King Ling College
1st runner-up Ling Liang Church E Wun Secondary School
2nd runner-up Kowloon True Light School
Merit Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

The winning video can be viewed at BEC website  and Towngas Low Carbon Action Facebook page. For further information or enquiries, please contact Ms Christy Leung (T. 2784 3941 | E. christy@bec.org.hk).


BEC Past Events

10 January : Clean Energy Technologies - What's possible in Hong Kong?

In this seminar sponsored by CLP Hong Kong Ltd, BEC brought business and academics together to discuss what’s possible in terms of Clean Energy in Hong Kong, from nuclear and solar to cutting edge innovative technologies in tidal power. The event stimulated a lively discussion on alternatives and will be followed up with another seminar in related to renewable energy policy to be held on 24th February.

13 January : Green Building Awardees Sharing Luncheon

This luncheon, through the case sharing from Business Environment Council (BEC) and Towngas, provided participants with an insight and introduction to the requirement of Green Building, and some of the available green technologies and management practices. We also arranged a building tour to introduce all participants the green facilities of BEC Headquarters following the seminar.

20 January: Policy Dialogue Series

Following the release of the Chief Executive’s 2017 Policy Address on 18 January, BEC organized a BEC Policy Dialogue event aiming to offer a platform for BEC members to understand more about the policy direction and express views from the perspective of business sector.  

Ms Christine Loh, Under Secretary for the Environment, met with BEC members to provide first hand updates on the policies related to environmental protection and conservation set out in the 2017 Policy Address as well as the Hong Kong’s Climate Action Plan 2030+. She also joined a panel discussion with BEC Chairman and Board Directors to discuss various environmental and sustainability related topics. 


Services for BEC Members and Companies

Venue Hire at BEC Headquarters & 25th Anniversary Promotion

To facilitate the sharing of knowledge and best practices, BEC provides venues and facilities at BEC Headquarters to members and companies for organising events related to environmental protection and sustainability. To find out more about the venues, please refer to the rate card or contact BEC Events and Communications Team (T. 2784 3942 | E. venue@bec.org.hk).

In celebration of BEC 25th Anniversary, BEC Council Members can enjoy a limited time offer of additional 25% off for venue booking for events to be held at BEC building from March to May 2017. All other BEC Members are also entitled to a 25% discount. For more details about the offer, please refer to the promotion flyer

Opportunity to Showcase Green Technologies

The Green Technology Corner at BEC Headquarters offers opportunities for members to showcase their green technologies and products to business leaders and sustainability professionals. Please contact Ms Jeanne Chan (T. 2787 3924 | E. jeannechan@bec.org.hk) to secure the showcase opportunity.


BEC Members Update

Please join us in welcoming our new Members:

General Members

Greenovo Enterprises Ltd
Landa Limited
HM Environmental Technologies Limited

Affiliate Members

Baby Kingdom Environmental Protection Education Fund Limited
Concord Alliance Limited


BEC Supporting Events

Date Event Organiser
1 December 2015 – 28 February 2017 Smart City Campaign Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation