Business Environment Council Submits Views on the Biodiversity and Strategy and Action Plan for Hong Kong

Hong Kong, 8 April 2016 - Business Environment Council Limited 商界環保協會有限公司 (“BEC”) welcomes the Hong Kong SAR Government’s plan to put in place a Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (“BSAP”).   BEC has made a submission to the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department in response to the public consultation document.

BEC supports the overall mission and vision and the four action areas, namely Conservation, Mainstreaming, Knowledge and Community Involvement, which BEC recognises seek to improve on the achievements of Hong Kong to date in protecting its natural environment.

In its submission, BEC suggests some enhancements to the BSAP.  BEC believes that the positive relationship between biodiversity and the economy needs to be well-communicated to the public and decision-makers.  BEC suggests to have clear criteria for making determinations about protected areas, a well-developed evidence-based list of protected species, a decision-making process, as well as enforcement of the law.  Besides, the BSAP and related plans need to be informed by a good understanding of the threats and opportunities, such as those arising from climate change, to our ecosystems.

In addition, BEC supports mainstreaming so that all Bureaux take on board biodiversity, educational initiatives of a “citizen science” or experiential learning approach for the community, and engagement around sustainable consumption and production.

BEC Chairman Prof John Chai said, “Protecting and enhancing our biodiversity is the foundation of a healthy natural environment that provides food for people to eat, clean water to drink, and clean air to breathe, as well as green space contributing to the health and well-being of residents.  BEC recognises the good work done by the Government to date in protecting Hong Kong’s natural environment.  We will continue to render our support to the Government to enhance the proposed framework.”

Full version of BEC’s submission to the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department

dated 7 April 2016 can be accessed at BEC’s website at:


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