Business Environment Council Limited Welcomes Government’s Continuing Commitment to Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development

Hong Kong, 14 January 2016 - Business Environment Council Limited 商界環保協會有限公司 (“BEC”) welcomes Hong Kong SAR Government’s continuing commitment to promoting environmental protection and sustainable development through various environmental policies  in the Chief Executive’s 2016 Policy Address.

In November 2015, BEC made a submission on the 2016 Policy Address to the Chief Executive.  BEC applauds the Government’s efforts through the measures relating to environmental protection put forward in the Policy Address, in line with our recommendations, to set up an inter-departmental committee to be chaired by the Chief Secretary for Administration to address climate change; promote the development of renewable energy through the Scheme of Controls; improve the walkability of the city; study the planning of future waste management and transfer facilities in line with circular economy and smart city approaches; introduce a quantity-based charging scheme for municipal solid waste; expand the network of organic waste treatment facilities to include food waste/sewage sludge anaerobic co-digestion; cooperate with the Mainland to reduce emissions from marine vessels for improving air quality; various measures to improve water quality; and support the upgrading of the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

BEC Chairman Prof. John Chai remarked, “BEC is pleased that the Government has reaffirmed its commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development.  We are delighted in particular to see that our policy recommendation on the establishment of an inter-departmental committee to steer the work on climate change has been adopted.  This was an important recommendation within our recently published Hong Kong Climate Resilience Roadmap for Business.  We are also pleased to see further work proposed to develop waste to energy plants in relation to Hong Kong’s organic waste and that the longer term plan for waste will take on board circular economy and smart city approaches.  BEC has emphasized the importance of both these approaches for the benefit of our environment as well as our economy.”

“BEC looks forward to the Government’s progress along the lines of this year’s Policy Address on environmental-related issues, and we will continue to render our support to the Government in promoting environmental sustainability in Hong Kong”, Prof. Chai added.

We recognize the Government’s efforts made last year on the implementation of the environmental policy initiatives, such as setting a new target of reducing energy intensity by 40% by 2025, the launching of a $1 billion Recycling Fund and the unveiling of Hong Kong Climate Change Report 2015.  BEC also appreciates the progress on the formulation of the first Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan for Hong Kong and waste management initiatives such as putting in place Organic Waste Treatment Facilities, producer responsibility schemes on waste electrical and electronic equipment and glass beverage containers respectively, and regulation on recycling of waste cooking oils. 

BEC encourages the Government to work with stakeholders including business and put greater emphasis on a strong environmental policy to support the sustainable development of Hong Kong.  We believe this will help innovate for the economy, improve livelihood and share prosperity.

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