Business Environment Council Welcomes Environment Bureau’s Energy Saving Plan 2015~2025+

Hong Kong, 19 May 2015 - Business Environment Council Limited 商界環保協會有限公司 (“BEC”) welcomes the Energy Saving Plan 2015~2025+ (“the Plan”) released by the Environment Bureau on 14 May 2015, and is pleased to have been recognised in the Plan as one of the parties the Government intends to work with in promoting green building in Hong Kong.

Over the last two decades, as an organisation proactively advocating environmental excellence in Hong Kong, BEC has been working with our members to promote energy saving and carbon emissions reduction through education, research and awareness building. BEC understands the challenges in driving behavioural change and achieving energy reduction, and considers that the target of reducing Hong Kong’s energy intensity by 40% by 2025 is a good starting point to encourage energy saving by different stakeholders.

With our strength in reaching out to members and the wider business community, BEC looks forward to working with the Government in achieving energy saving and transitioning Hong Kong to a low carbon economy.

To demonstrate our commitment to promoting building energy efficiency, BEC has recently transformed BEC Headquarters to be the first existing commercial building in Hong Kong to achieve the Platinum rating of Provisional Assessment under BEAM Plus Existing Buildings. BEC will continue to showcase the merits of upgrading existing buildings for energy reduction, as well as to work with our strategic partners, including Hong Kong Green Building Council and BEAM Society Limited, to promote green building adoption.

“BEC looks forward to continuing our close collaboration with the Government and our members in promoting green building development and driving behavioural change to achieve energy saving, with the aim to reach the target of reducing energy intensity by 40% by 2025 and hopefully to even surpass it,” remarked Prof John Chai, BEC Chairman.

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