Business Environment Council supports early approval of funding applications for landfills and integrated waste management facilities

Hong Kong, 3 November 2014 - Business Environment Council Limited 商界環保協會有限公司 (“BEC”) issued a letter to the Finance Committee of the Legislative Council on 31 October 2014 to urge for early approval of the Government’s funding applications for extension of three landfills and construction of integrated waste management facilities (“IWMF”).

Hong Kong is facing an imminent waste crisis.  Prompt actions must be taken in all fronts to prevent this crisis from affecting Hong Kong’s competitiveness and livability.

BEC performed an independent analysis on Hong Kong’s projected waste disposals and landfill lifespan in late 2013.  Results of the analysis show that advanced waste management facilities, municipal solid waste charging, landfill extension and producer responsibility scheme, as outlined in the Government’s 2013 - 2022 Blueprint for Sustainable Use of Resources (“Blueprint”), are all essential for achieving waste disposal targets.  Recently, BEC submitted recommendations to the Chief Executive on the 2015 Policy Address, reiterating BEC’s support for early implementation of all waste management initiatives stipulated in the Blueprint.

According to BEC’s analysis, the remaining landfill capacity will start to run out in 2017 if landfills are not extended.  BEC considers that it is of paramount importance for the Government to start the construction of IWMF as soon as possible in order to divert waste from landfills.  The IWMF should be situated at a location which enables the fastest, most effective construction and optimal operational environment.

“Given the gravity and urgency of the waste situation, BEC supports the Government’s proposals for extension of three landfills and construction of IWMF, and urges the Finance Committee to approve the funding applications as soon as possible,” said Professor John Chai, BEC Chairman. “BEC also looks forward to the Government’s planning and implementation of a holistic waste management plan to solve the waste problem in the long term.”

BEC’s letter to the Finance Committee of the Legislative Council can be viewed online at BEC’s website ( (only Chinese version is available).

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