Clean Air Charter Certification Scheme

(19 May 2008, Hong Kong) Every business can do something to help clean the air, and it is possible to be profitable and to care for the environment at the same time. Your participation in the scheme is more than just about a certification, but also a process of partnership to seek improvement in energy conservation and emission reduction. Companies like you will be acting as role models for others to follow.

The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce and the Hong Kong Business Coalition on the Environment, in partnership with BEC, are now inviting endorsers of the Clean Air Charter to participate in the certification scheme, which has been designed to:

  • Provide practical guidance and assistance, if necessary, to endorsers of the Clean Air Charter seeking improvement in energy conservation and emission reduction;
  • Independently certify companies for compliance with the Clean Air Charter;
  • Give recognition to the Charter-compliant companies;
  • Present successful cases as role models; and
  • Disseminate Charter compliance information to help encourage more companies to follow.

Given the wide range of companies and sectors that have signed the Clean Air Charter, participating companies will be divided into three groups, depending on the starting point of the organisations and the anticipated time to evaluate their compliance with the spirit and intent of the clean air charter:

Group A: Companies which have little or no knowledge/expertise on energy/emissions reduction, requiring support in the form of advice and consultancy to better understand their charter commitment and compliance with the Clean Air Charter and to become eligible for certification.

Group B: Companies which have undertaken some energy efficiency/emissions reduction programs, but do not have comprehensive management and/or reporting systems to demonstrate their achievements and compliance with the Clean Air Charter.

Group C: Companies which have comprehensive management systems and means to identify/verify the implementation of energy efficiency/emissions reduction programs that are in compliance with the Clean Air Charter.

Clean Air Charter Certification will initially be undertaken by independent environmental professionals from BEC, and based on demand for certification may be extended to professionals from a wider expert pool.

The Clean Air logo can be used by certified companies and displayed in corporate literature. The validity of the Clean Air Charter Certificate and the use of the Clean Air logo shall be 3 years from the date of certification. The certificate will be issued by the Organisers of Project CLEAN AIR and certified by the Project Consultant.

Please click here for the information kit of the scheme and the application form. On receipt of your application, representative will contact you to arrange the program for certification of your organization.

BEC welcomes all companies at any stages of energy efficiency and emission reduction programs to take part in the certification scheme. BEC will also provide practical advice and comprehensive audit as part of the certification scheme.