May 2015

BEC Monthly Feature

21 May 2015 - BEC EnviroSeries Conference "Embracing Natural Capital in a Densely Built Metropolis: Challenges and Solutions for Achieving Environmental Sustainability"

In the upcoming BEC EnviroSeries Conference, BEC will bring together business leaders, sustainability professionals and Government officials to explore innovative solutions and share successful cases in preserving biodiversity, clean water and other forms of natural capital.

Given that the Government has planned to formulate the first Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan for Hong Kong by the end of 2015, the Conference provides a timely opportunity for industry experts to share the business case of incorporating biodiversity in the planning and decision making process.

Clean water, as another precious natural asset, has also gained increasing attention from the business sector and the broader community. There will be discussion at the Conference on appropriate demand and supply side management measures, as well as long term planning and management of Hong Kong’s water resources.

For more details and registration, please visit BEC website ( Please also feel free to contact Ms Jill Chow (T. 2784 3942 | E. for any enquiries.

BEC Upcoming Events

24 – 28 May 2015: Group Visit to Japan

BEC is organising a group visit to Tokyo and Nagoya, Japan from 24 to 28 May 2015 to enable members to gain insights on various environmental topics, including waste management, energy efficiency and water management.

Participants will visit various environmental facilities, meet with key players of the local environmental industry and participate in the annual environmental exhibition titled N-EXPO 2015 TOKYO.

If you would like to know more about this visit, please contact Ms Bonnie Ho (T 2784 3951 | E

28 May 2015: BEC Leadership Networking Series

Mr Luca Micheletto, Product Application Manager, ClimaPRO, Climaveneta Spa, will share successful case studies from different parts of the world to illustrate the use of different air-conditioning system designs to help corporations achieve their green targets.

Ir Colin Chung, Immediate Past President of the Hong Kong Association of Energy Engineers, will talk about the importance and benefits of implementing building energy efficiency measures, and the difficulties that companies face while implementing these measures.

Please contact Ms Joey Hui (T 2784 3958 | E to reserve your seat early.

BEC Events

20 April 2015: The UK Experience in Regulating the Electricity Sector

Following the release of the consultation document on the future development of Hong Kong’s electricity market (“Consultation Document”) by the Environment Bureau on 31 March 2015, BEC invited Mr Alistair Buchanan, Chairman of KPMG’s Power and Utilities practice in the UK and former energy regulator in the UK, to share his insights on how the UK electricity market has evolved and the challenges. Participants discussed their views with Mr Buchanan on lessons to be observed from competition in the electricity market in the UK.

30 April 2015: BEC Policy Dialogue Series – Workshop on Future Development of Hong Kong’s Electricity Market

BEC organised this workshop in order to provide a platform for members to express views on the development of Hong Kong’s electricity market.

Presentations by the following speakers and panellists provided the participants with useful insights on the Scheme of Control Agreement, permitted rate of return, the future fuel mix for electricity generation and the development of renewable energy, from the perspectives of the public sector, consumers and suppliers respectively:

  • Mr Donald Ng, Environment Bureau, Hong Kong SAR Government
  • Mr Prashant Bhaskar Vaze, Consumer Council
  • Mr Joseph Law, CLP Power Hong Kong
  • Mr TC Yee, Hongkong Electric Group
  • Prof Kevin Tsui, Clemson University

Feedback and comments collected from the above two events will be taken into consideration in formulating BEC’s draft submission in response to the Consultation Document. All BEC members will be invited to provide comments on the draft BEC submission by early June.

30 April 2015: BEC Leadership Networking Series

Ms Ellie Tang, Manager Corporate Sustainability, Asia Pacific of The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited talked about HSBC Water Programme (2012-2016), and how HSBC has been supporting freshwater projects across the globe through partnerships and engagement.

Prof Ho Kin Chung, Dean of the School of Science and Technology, The Open University of Hong Kong, introduced a local research project on phytoplankton diversity in relation to the water quality of rivers in Hong Kong, as well as the Citizen Science Leaders, an initiative which aims to train corporate employees about water programme.

8 May 2015: BEC Industry Visit to Hongkong Electric’s Lamma Power Station

During the visit, participants learnt about the daily operations of central control room and turbine hall of gas-fired generating unit. They also gained a better understanding on how Hongkong Electric generates power through its solar power system, which is the largest one of the same kind in Hong Kong.

BEC in the News

At a media luncheon organised by Schneider Electric (Hong Kong) Limited on 16 March 2015, Ir CF Leung, Director – Green Building and IAQ of BEC, introduced the achievements of BEC Headquarters as the first commercial building to achieve the Platinum rating of Provisional Assessment under BEAM Plus Existing Buildings. Following the luncheon, there has been coverage in both printed and online media regarding the green features of BEC Headquarters Transformation Project, including:

Printed media

  • PC Market (20 April 2015)
  • Capital Entrepreneur (8 April 2015)
  • PC Station (23 March and 30 March 2015)
  • Wen Wei Po (17 March 2015)
  • Ta Kung Pao (17 March 2015)

Online media

  • Yahoo News (syndicated from HKITBlog) (17 March 2015)
  • IT Pro Magazine (17 March 2015)

BEC Partnership Programmes

EPD Territory-wide Glass Bottle Recycling Programme for Housing Estates

To promote glass bottle recycling in Hong Kong, the Environmental Protection Department has commissioned BEC to coordinate the implementation of the glass bottle recycling programmes in Hong Kong. As of April 2015, about 1,000 private housing estates and public housing estates have already participated in this programme.

All housing estates and residential buildings with management offices are welcome to participate in this programme. Please contact Mr Jonathan Li (T. 2784 3921 | E. to learn more about the programme.

Upcycling the Tai Po Community – The Third Roving Exhibition cum Awards Presentation Ceremony

Funded by Sustainable Development Fund and partnered with the Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres, BEC has organised a community outreach programme entitled “Upcycling the Tai Po Community Project” since December 2013. The programme aims to train women in Tai Po District (“mama”) to make upcycling products. In turn, these trained participants will be the trainers of corporate employees in the production of upcycling items.

BEC has coordinated upcycling workshops for corporate employees, published a handbook on making pet clothes by utilising used clothes, and organised roving exhibitions in shopping arcades to showcase the upcycling masterpieces to the public.

Over 3,500 visitors visited the exhibition cum awards presentation ceremony at CityWalk 2 in Tsuen Wan from 2 to 4 May 2015, which showcased mamas’ and designers’ upcycling masterpieces, as well as the winning upcycling products in “Upcycling Design Competition”.

For more details about the programme, please visit the programme website or Facebook page

2015 Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence

As one of the organisers of the 2015 Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (“HKAEE”), BEC is now inviting local companies and organisations to join this annual landmark event of the environmental sector in Hong Kong.

Sponsored by the Environment and Conservation Fund, the HKAEE aims to encourage businesses and organisations to adopt green management, to present them an opportunity to benchmark their commitments again best practices in environmental excellence, and to recognise their achievements on environmental protection.

To facilitate application, five information dissemination and experience sharing seminars with different topics will be organised in May and June 2015. Experienced professionals and industry practitioners will share their expertise and insights on adopting various environmental measures to protect the environment and reduce costs in the long run. Eligibility, assessment procedures and application procedures of the 2015 HKAEE will also be introduced.

Application of the HKAEE Sectoral Awards will close on 16 June 2015. To get more details about the 2015 HKAEE, please visit or contact us (T. 2784 3921 | E.

BEC IEE Training Courses

BEC Institute for Environmental Education ("BEC IEE") will organise various environmental training courses from May to July 2015 as follows:

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management & Improvement (4th Intake) (27 May 2015) – Participants will have an overview of IAQ, learn different chemical and biological components that affect IAQ, as well as ways to manage and improve IAQ.

Best Practices for Energy Management (29 May 2015) – Hong Kong currently has over 40,000 existing buildings that account for 92% of total electricity demand in the territory. Good practices in energy management is necessary for reducing electricity consumption and saving costs. This 3-hour course provides an overview on current practices for achieving effective energy management.

BEAM Plus Familiarisation Training for Contractors (5th Intake) (5 June 2015) – This course offers a comprehensive training covering the key areas that contractors need to know in order to effectively manage their BEAM Plus responsibilities.

BEAM Plus Familiarisation Training for Site Supervisors (12 June 2015) – BEAM Plus for New Buildings, an environmental assessment scheme for buildings, requires site supervisors to oversee the implementation of a series of good site practices. This course offers comprehensive training that enables site supervisors to know how to manage BEAM Plus responsibilities in order to fulfill pre-requisite requirements and attain credits for site management, supervision, testing and commissioning.

Comprehensive Course on Green Building Management (16 June to 11 July 2015) - Understanding the key aspects of green building management is very important to achieve a low carbon sustainable built environment. There is a trend for buildings in Hong Kong to implement green features and practices. This course provides essential knowledge on different aspects of green building management, from planning to renovation.

Innovative Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Monitoring (9 July 2015) - Traditionally, the IEQ assessment required a pool of professionals, technical equipment and a series of complex numerical equations. Recently, a user-friendly IEQ benchmarking calculator mobile application has been developed to simplify the assessment process. By inputting basic information, users can have a preliminary idea of IEQ of their building premises and benchmark with the similar types of environment. This course introduces the design, development and application of this innovative IEQ benchmarking calculator.

Visit BEC website now for outlines and schedules of BEC IEE courses. Please contact Dr Veronica Chan (T. 2784 3937 | E. for registration and enquiry.

Information for BEC Members

HKGBC’s BEAM Plus Platinum Project Roving Exhibition

The Hong Kong Green Building Council is organising a roving exhibition of BEAM Plus Platinum Projects to further promote Hong Kong’s green buildings with outstanding environmental performance. BEC Headquarters, which is the first commercial building in Hong Kong that has achieved BEAM Plus Existing Buildings Platinum rating, is featured in the exhibition.

The exhibition will be held at BEC Headquarters Exhibition Hall from 18 to 29 May 2015. Visit BEC Headquarters to know more about the green features of this building and other BEAM Plus projects!

Value of ESG Reporting

Recently televised and made available online, The Corporate Governance Conference 2014 hosted by the Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries provided valuable insight on the growing trends and importance of ESG Reporting.

The conference saw presentations by Mr David Graham, Chief Regulatory Officer of the HKEx and Mr John Barnes, Partner of Risk Assurance Practice who both contributed their own insights and views on a trend that is seeing many corporations in Hong Kong become ever more conscientious of their ESG risks and impacts.

A key take away from this conference was that ESG reporting should not only be seen as a corporate communications tool but as a means of evaluating and assessing non-financial risk amidst broader environmental or social mega trends, efforts and concerns such as climate change or poverty reduction.

It was indicated that regulatory requirements for ESG reporting might be strengthened in light of the HKEx’s proposed public consultation on adopting a “Comply or Explain” policy for ESG reporting.

BEC is calling for case studies to demonstrate the positive value and gains brought about by ESG reporting at your company. If you are interested in sharing your ESG case studies with us, please contact Mr Mark Harper, Senior Manager – ESG Advisory (T: 2784 3933 I E.

Green Technology Corner – Showcase at BEC Headquarters

The Green Technology Corner at BEC Headquarters offers opportunities for members to showcase their green technologies and products to business leaders and sustainability professionals. Please contact Ms. Kitty Wong (T. 2787 3924 | E. to secure the showcasing opportunity.

BEC Members Corner

"BEC Members Corner" is dedicated to BEC members for the purpose of introducing their recent achievements, success stories, innovative ideas or solutions on environmental sustainability. Members are invited to provide us with an English write-up with about 100 words, which BEC will reserve the rights of editing and publishing. The submission deadline for the next E-newsletter is 29 May 2015 (Friday).

Please contact Ms Joey Hui (T. 2784 3958 | E. if you are interested in contributing an article.

BEC Members Update

Please join us in welcoming the following new member:

Corporate Member

Li Tong Group


BEC Supporting Events

Date Event Organiser
8 May – 12 June 2015

2015香港環境卓越大獎環保經驗分享會 (Chinese version only)

Hong Kong Productivity Council
12 May 2015

Technical Seminar on IAQ Procedure in ASHRAE 62.1 and its Application

ASHRAE Hong Kong Chapter
11 June 2015

Smart City Smart Hong Kong

Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce and Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation
11 - 14 June 2015

Youth to Sustainability Summit 2015

24 - 25 June 2015

APAC Innovation Summit 2015 - Robotics

Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation
28 - 30 June 2015 The First International Conference for Sustainable Development and Management The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and International Association for Sustainable Development and Management
7 July 2015 Innovation and Technology Symposium 2015 The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel
12 September 2015 HKIS Annual Conference 2015 “Development for a Smarter World City: Hong Kong” The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors
28 - 31 Oct 2015

Eco Expo Asia 2015

Hong Kong Trade Development Council and Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd
2014 – 2015

The "Let's Save 10L Water" Campaign

Water Supplies Department, Hong Kong SAR Government
2014 – 2015

HSBC Water Programme for Industrial Water Management

Hong Kong Productivity Council
2014 – 2015

HKSTP Soft-landing Programme for Technology

Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation
2015 – 2016 Environmental Education Creative Competition 2015 Graphic Arts Association of Hong Kong
2015 – 2016 The 6th Hong Kong Corporate Citizenship Program Hong Kong Productivity Council