July 2014

BEC Monthly Features

BEC Anniversary Dinner 2014

BEC will host the 2014 Anniversary Dinner on 17 September at JW Marriott Hong Kong. The Dinner is a major celebration of BEC’s progress as we continue our mission in promoting and supporting the development of Hong Kong’s environmental excellence by active engagement with the government, businesses and the community on a broad range of sustainability issues.

Members who are interested in reserving tables or tickets, please feel free to contact Ms. Jill Chow (T 2784 3942 | E jill@bec.org.hk).


BEC Response to the Public Consultation on “Future Fuel Mix for Electricity Generation”

In March 2014, the Environment Bureau released a consultation document titled “Future Fuel Mix for Electricity Generation” to engage the public and collect their feedback on Hong Kong’s future fuel mix for electricity generation. BEC submitted its views to the Environment Bureau and the submission is available on BEC website.


BEC Events

26 June 2014: BEC Leadership Networking Series

In this event, Mr. Randy Yu, General Manager of Sino Land Company Limited, shared various green measures that had been implemented in Sino’s business operations and the company’s future green development plan that would help create a better environment for its staff, customers and tenants.

Mr. H. W. Low, President of the Hong Kong Institute of Facility Management, talked about the Institute’s effort on promoting sustainable measures to facility management practitioners.


30 June 2014: Industry Visit to Hong Kong Observatory

This visit started with welcome remarks by Mr. Edwin Lai, Assistant Director of Hong Kong Observatory (“HKO”), followed by a presentation by a scientific officer of HKO on how Hong Kong has been affected by climate change. The participants also visited the Meteorological Garden, the historic gallery and the Central Forecasting Office where daily weather forecasting is being conducted.


4 July: BEC Low-carbon School 2014 – Summer Fun

BEC hosted an educational event entitled “BEC Low-carbon School 2014 – Summer Fun” for about 60 secondary school students to enhance their awareness of climate change and the development of low-carbon economy.

In the talk delivered by BEC representatives, the students learnt about the actions that help Hong Kong move towards a low-carbon city. They were also provided with tips on practising low-carbon living. Then the students had a guided tour of the BEC Headquarters to take a closer look at the green facilities in the building.

BEC Upcoming Events

17 July 2014: Industry Visit to Hysan Place

The award-winning Hysan Place is well-known for its innovative green building designs. The pioneering Artificial Sky Wetland on 16th floor and Urban Farm on the rooftop provide opportunities to tenants and the public to experience the joy of greener lifestyle.

In this visit, Dr. L. K. Chan, Director of Design and Project of Hysan Development Copany Limited, will share Hysan’s initiatives on sustainable development. Through the guided visit at Hysan Place, participants will learn about how Hysan incorporates green designs and facilities in the building in order to promote sustainability. Participants will also visit the History Gallery, where the historical development of The Lee Gardens in Causeway Bay is being shown.

For registration and enquiry, please contact Ms. Kitty Wong (T 2784 3924 | E kitty@bec.org.hk).


25 July 2014: Industry Visit to Hong Kong Organic Waste Recycling Centre

In this visit, participants can learn the process of food waste management, including the transforming of food waste to organic fertilizer. Participants will also have a closer look at hydroponic farming, which is a new farming method that has become increasingly popular in recent years.

For registration and enquiry, please contact Ms. Amy Ma (T 2784 3960 | E amy@bec.org.hk).


31 July 2014: BEC Leadership Networking Series

BEC Leadership Networking Series serves as a regular networking platform to facilitate sharing of experience and best practice among BEC members as well as the broader business community in a relax and open atmosphere. In July’s event, the Hong Kong Institute of Planners will be invited to share its proposal on developing tram and pedestrian precinct in Des Veoux Road Central.

For registration or enquiry, please contact Ms. Joey Hui (T 2784 3958 | E joey@bec.org.hk).

BEC IEE Training Courses

BEC IEE Upcoming Programmes Highlights

BEC Institute of Environmental Education (“BEC IEE”) organises courses on various environmental topics. The upcoming courses are highlighted below.

Understanding “Materiality” for Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) Reporting (18 July and 29 August) - This course will help companies understand which elements in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange’s ESG Reporting Guide are “material” to their business. This course will also outline case studies from eight major industries and share leading examples of successful ESG Reporting and corporate sustainability practices. Each participant will receive a copy of ‘BEC Handbook: Understanding Materiality for ESG Reporting’. Members of the Hong Kong Institute of Directors will be awarded 4 CPD hours upon satisfactory completion of the course.

Energy Management System (EnMS) Training Course (4 August) - This course will enable participants to understand how to implement more efficient energy management systems. These systems will allow managers to learn precisely where and how much energy is consumed, identify saving potential and adopt best practices.

Please visit BEC website to view more details and schedules of BEC IEE programmes. For registration and enquiry, please contact Dr. Veronica Chan (T 2784 3937 | E beciee@bec.org.hk).

Upcycling the Tai Po Community – The First Roving Exhibition

Funded by HKSAR Sustainable Development Fund and partnered with the Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres, BEC is organising a community outreach programme entitled “Upcycling the Tai Po Community Project” from December 2013 to May 2015. The Programme aims to train women in Tai Po District to make upcycling products. In turn, these trained participants will be the trainers of corporate employees in the production of upcycling items.

Besides organising the workshops, BEC will publish a handbook on the techniques to make upcycling products and organise 3 roving exhibitions to showcase the upcycling pieces made by trainers and designers. You are most welcome to visit the first roving exhibition which will be held at Landmark North in Sheung Shui from 18 to 20 July.

For more details about the programme, please visit the programme website http://www.womensd.hk or Facebook fan page http://www.facebook.com/womensd.hk.

EPD Glass Bottle Recycling Programme for Housing Estates

To promote glass bottle recycling in Hong Kong and to pave way for the implementation of mandatory producer responsibility scheme, the Environmental Protection Department has commissioned BEC to coordinate glass bottle recycling programmes in most districts in the New Territories.

Housing estates and residential buildings with property management offices in these districts are welcome to join this Programme. To learn more about the Programme, please contact Mr. Jonathan Li (T 2784 3921 | E em_admin@bec.org.hk).

BEC Member Information

Briefing Session on the Proposed Establishment of a Harbourfront Authority

Following the first briefing session held on 18 June, the Harbourfront Commission and the Development Bureau will conduct the second briefing session on the proposed establishment of a Harbourfront Authority, which will be held at 5:30pm – 7:30pm on 30 July, at Central Government Office, Tamar. The briefing session aims to provide an overview on the proposed detailed arrangements for establishing a Harbourfront Authority and collect any feedback from participants.

If BEC members are interested in attending this briefing session, please reply by sending an email directly to Miss Amber Lau of Development Bureau (E amberlau@devb.gov.hk), with copy to Ms Maggie Lam of BEC (E maggie@bec.org.hk). Please note that registrations are subject to the final confirmation of Development Bureau. For enquiry, please contact Miss Amber Lau at 3509 8809.

BEC Members Corner

Swire Properties Attained ISO Accreditation in Energy and Environment

BEC Council Member Swire Properties Limited organised a ceremony on 10 June 2014 to celebrate its achievement in attaining ISO 50001 Energy Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System accreditation as well as its Occupational Health and Safety OHSAS 18001 accreditation in 2013. Ir. Cary Chan, General Manager, Technical Services & Sustainability, received the certificates on behalf of the company in the event.

Environmental responsibility is a key element of Swire Properties’ commitment to sustainable development. The company is keen on looking into ways to improve its environmental performance. Swire Properties aims to comply with or exceed environmental regulations and requirements related to its business operations and developments.

To learn more about the achievements of Swire Properties in environment and sustainability, please visit http://www.swireproperties.com/en/sustainability.aspx.

"BEC Members Corner" is dedicated to BEC members for the purpose of introducing their recent achievements, success stories, innovative ideas or solutions on environmental sustainability. Members are invited to provide us with an English write-up with a maximum of 200 words, which BEC will reserve the rights of editing and publishing. The submission deadline for the next E-newsletter is 30 July 2014 (Wednesday).

To submit an article or enquire about this section, please contact Ms Joey Hui (E joey@bec.org.hk).

BEC Members Update

Please join BEC in welcoming the following members:

General Member
Shanghai Commercial Bank Limited
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University – The Research Institute for Sustainable Urban Development


BEC Supporting Events

Mar – Aug 2014 Hang Seng Pan PRD Environmental Awards 2013/14
Mar – Nov 2014 Green Building Award 2014
13 Sep 2014 HKIS Annual Conference 2014
19 – 20 Sep 2014 HKICS Corporate Governance Conference 2014
15 – 16 Oct 2014 International Conference on Sustainable Energy Policies and Technologies
29 Oct – 1 Nov 2014 Eco Expo Asia 2014
2014 – 2015 The "Let's Save 10L Water" Campaign
2014 Environmental Education Creative Competition 2014
  HSBC Water Programme for Industrial Water Management