January 2014

BEC News

Policy Submission on Waste Management

BEC expressed its views to Legislative Council Subcommittee on the Waste Disposal (Designated Waste Disposal Facility) (Amendment) Regulation 2013 and Waste Disposal (Refuse Transfer Station) (Amendment) Regulation 2013 based on the consultation with BEC Waste Management Advisory Group. The submission is now available on BEC website.

Response to the Phase 1 Public Engagement Exercise on the Proposed Establishment of a Harbourfront Authority

BEC submitted a response on the subject based on the consultation with members of its initiative, Harbour Business Forum, to address the questions set out on page 19 of the Public Engagement Consultation Digest. The response is now available on BEC website.

Report on Climate Change Adaptation and the Climate Risks Tool

BEC’s initiative Climate Change Business Forum (CCBF) issued a report entitled The New Normal: A Hong Kong Business Primer on Climate Change Adaptation (Part 1 and Part 2). It illustrates what Hong Kong businesses might expect from climate change, explains some of the sector-specific risks, opportunities, and adaptation actions, and showcases how to ensure that businesses are climate change-ready. As an extension of this work, BEC CCBF developed the Climate Risk Tool (CRT) to help businesses assess their exposure to climate risks and promote awareness of climate change adaptation among the business community.

A series of workshops were held in November and December 2013 to train companies on how the CRT works and the benefits for the corporate risk assessment process. During these workshops, participants were presented with the fundamentals of climate change adaptation where they also received the tool and the accompanying CRT guidebook. The next workshop is scheduled for 25 February 2014 and is opened to any company that is interested in learning more about climate change adaptation. Please click here for event details and registration method.

BEC Partnership Programmes

Invitation to Participate in Samsung Solve for Tomorrow

BEC is pleased to participate in this citywide competition as environmental advisor. Since its launch for over a month, the programme has received hundreds of inspiring ideas from students across Hong Kong.

To enter the competition for the opportunity in winning prizes and seeing the realisation of their sustainability ideas, students are invited to submit an original picture and a short audio clip explaining how they would solve an environmental issue in Hong Kong using technology. The deadline for submission is 16 January 2014 (Thursday). Please click here for further details.

Moving the Construction Sector towards Sustainable Development

About 70 enthusiastic stakeholders from the construction sector joined the Moving the Construction Sector towards Sustainable Development Presentation Forum organised by BEC on 10 December 2013. During the Presentation Forum, BEC presented the findings, which were highlighted in Construction Sector Corporate Sustainability Guide for SMEs as well as the Recommendation Paper.  Mr Lawrence Ng from the Hong Kong Construction Sub-Contractors Association and Mr Ivan Ko from the Construction Industry Council also shared their insights with the participants.

In January 2014, 4 more briefing workshops will be held to share BEC’s findings to a wider spectrum of stakeholders within the construction industry in Hong Kong.  For further details regarding the upcoming activities, please contact Ms Sarah Choi (T 2784 3943  E sarahc@bec.org.hk).

BEC Member Event

17 December 2013: Industry Visit to ASB Biodiesel Plant

During the plant tour of the visit, Mr Eddie Wong, Plant Manager of ASB Biodiesel, introduced the global trend of biodiesel production. In the presentation session, Chief Technology Officer Mr Roberto Vazquez highlighted the contributions of biodiesel to air quality improvement. He mentioned that a study conducted by the Environmental Protection Department of HKSAR Government in 2003 shows that the carbon monoxide emission in Hong Kong would be decreased by 14% through adopting 20% blend of biodiesel. He also discussed about the blend of biodiesel in vehicles and transports in Hong Kong by 2020. The visit enhanced the participants’ understanding on the potentials of biodiesel usage in Hong Kong.

BEC Upcoming Events

23 January 2014: BEC Leadership Networking Series

BEC Leadership Networking Series serves as a regular networking platform to facilitate experience and best practice sharing on diverse sustainability issues in a relaxed and opened atmosphere. In the upcoming event, Ms Chloe Hui, General Manager of Kimberly-Clark Professional will speak on the latest innovation and standards in creating a sustainable winning business that extends beyond clean and green. Mr Geoffrey Chan and Ms Mei Ling Lew of Mayer Brown JSM will speak generally about the salient provisions in the Waste Disposal Ordinance, its regulations and enforcement issues.

Please click here to download the registration form. You may contact Ms Joey Hui (joey@bec.org.hk) for further enquiries.

23 January 2014: Warsaw? Where next for the UN Climate Caravan?

BEC Climate Change Business Forum (CCBF) Advisory Group will co-organise with Civic Exchange on a seminar “Warsaw? Where next for the UN Climate Caravan?”. The seminar looks to invite participants for an annual update on efforts to both tackle the Greenhouse Gas emissions, which are causing climate change and adapt to the climate change, which is inevitable. It will also discuss the next steps following the UN Climate Conference at Warsaw in November 2013, actions on climate change outside the UN process, and what Hong Kong should do and how it might be affected.

Event details could be found at BEC website. For enquiry, please contact Ms Joey Hui (joey@bec.org.hk).

BEC Upcoming Member Event

24 January 2014: Industry Visit to Ricoh Hong Kong's Environmental Technical Centre and LIVE Office

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is an environmental problem that receives less public attention. A well-designed production plan by manufacturers that maximises the potential in recycling and reusing is seen as an option to tackle the issue.

In the upcoming visit, Ricoh will share its efforts in supporting a sustainability vision through minimising waste loads to landfills and achieving resources efficiency. Participants will also learn about ways in practising green office and enhancing productivity in the “LIVE Office” demonstration.

The visit is by invitation only. For further information and registration, please contact Ms Kitty Wong (kitty@bec.org.hk).

BEC Members Corner

"BEC Members Corner" is dedicated to BEC members to introduce their recent achievements, success stories, innovative ideas or solutions on environmental sustainability. Members could provide us an English write-up with a maximum of 200 words, which BEC will reserve the rights of editing and publishing. The submission deadline for the upcoming E-newsletter is 24 January 2014 (Friday).

To submit an article or enquire about this section, please contact Ms Joey Hui (joey@bec.org.hk).

BEC Members Update

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HBF Update

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