July 2013

BEC Events

18 June 2013: BEC Roundtable: Sustainable City – Planning and Actions

Around 70 executives from business and public sectors joined the event to explore challenges and directions in developing a green, efficient and sustainable city. Distinguished speakers from local and overseas were invited to share their expertise and experience.  

Keynote speaker Sir Robin Wales, The Mayor, London Borough of Newham, outlined the work on environmental sustainability in Newham. Other speakers also presented the key elements and best practises in building green cities and infrastructure.

20 June 2013: BEC Briefing on Hong Kong’s Waste Management Strategy and Action Plan

BEC hosted a briefing on the Hong Kong Blueprint for Sustainable Use of Resources 2013-2022 (“Action Blueprint”) for BEC members to gain a better understanding of the Action Blueprint from Government, and to discuss and express ideas on waste management issue of Hong Kong.

Mr Albert Lam, Deputy Director of Environmental Protection, elaborated the Hong Kong’s waste issues, outlined directions and waste reduction targets mentioned in the Action Blueprint at the event. Participants grasped the opportunity to respond to the Action Blueprint and propose ideas for handling Hong Kong’s waste problem with Mr Lam.

26 June 2013: Dialogue with the IIRC CEO

BEC invited Mr Paul Druckman, Chief Executive Officer of the International Integrated Reporting Council (“IIRC”) to further elaborate the Draft International Integrated Reporting Framework with participants. During the event, Mr Druckman highlighted that Integrated Reporting sought to provide concise communication about an organisation’s strategy, governance, performance and prospects which demonstrate its ability to create value over time.

27 June 2013: BEC Leadership Networking Series

Around 40 BEC members and guests gained ideas on green solutions in workplace after the presentations made by Mr Thomas Chan of Schneider Electric and Mr Frankie Chan of Ricoh Hong Kong Limited.

Mr Thomas Chan introduced how the innovative concept of activity based workplace can help companies to be energy efficient and smart tenants. In case sharing, Mr Frankie Chan demonstrated how carbon footprint of a company was reduced through device optimisation and behavioural change management.

BEC Members Event

27 June 2013: Industry Visit to Hysan Place

BEC organised an Industry Visit to Hysan Place in Causeway Bay for around 42 BEC members and guests to learn about various green building features. Dr L K Chan of Hysan introduced how environmental sustainability contributes revenue return positively. The visit allowed participants to have close observation of urban farming and green operation and management.

BEC Partnership Programmes

HSBC Living Business Programme 2013

Entering its 9th year, the HSBC Living Business Programme 2013 was launched recently to continue to create synergy between small to medium enterprises and their stakeholders by promoting sustainability along the supply chain.

Hong Kong companies with 250 employees or less are welcomed to join the capacity building events under the Programme. They may also enrol to the Award to demonstrate their commitment towards supply chain sustainability, or nominate their suppliers and contractors to join the Award. The application deadline is 12 July 2013.

For more details about the Programme, please visit HSBC Living Business website. For enquiry, please contact BEC Environmental Management team at 2784 3948 or livingbusiness@bec.org.hk.

Moving the Construction Sector towards Sustainable Development Discussion Forum

About 60 construction sector practitioners joined the first discussion forum organised by BEC on 21 June 2013. This forum focused on manpower sustainability in construction industry. Strategic views and comments were shared among participants and facilitators. Views collected at the forum will be consolidated for the preparation of “Moving the Construction Sector towards Sustainable Development Guidebook” and a suggestion paper on the sustainable development of construction industry.

In July 2013, two more discussion forums will be held with the following discussion topics:

1. Procurement and sub-contracting practice

2. Environment, health and safety and community caring

For further details, please contact Ms Sarah Choi at 2784 3943 or sarahc@bec.org.hk.

BEC Upcoming Event

25 July 2013: BEC Leadership Networking Series

In the upcoming BEC Leadership Networking Series, Ir Barry Lee of Hong Kong Waste Management Association will share his insights in effective management of food waste through public engagement, mobilisation, policy implementation, and building of waste facilities to recycle food waste into renewable energy and valuable resource. Dr Carol Lin of City University of Hong Kong will also share the current research breakthroughs in the development of a multi-enzyme solution for the valorisation of food waste and the sustainable biorefinery concept.

For registration or enquiry, please contact Ms Skyla Chan at 2784 3942 or skyla@bec.org.hk.

BEC Upcoming Members Event

16 July 2013: Industry Visit to Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) Limited – Recycling Centre

BEC will organise the Industry Visit to Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) Local Recycling Centre on 16 July 2013. The Centre, which was established in December 2004, covers 33,000 square feet in Tsuen Wan. It serves as a collection point for all locally used Fuji Xerox's machines, spare parts and cartridges.

From this Visit, participants will learn more about the recycling system of Fuji Xerox, which focuses on the product life cycle in reducing environmental load and prioritises the reuse of components with low environmental load from the stages of product planning or design.

This is an invitation-only event. For enquiry, please contact Ms Amy Ma at 2784 3960 or amy@bec.org.hk.


BEC Members Corner

Eco-Quality Home – New Inspiration for Modern Families

BEC Council Member HK Electric launched an initiative “Eco-Quality Home” that aims to establish environmentally friendly home practices and improve the everyday quality of life. Pursuing an all-electric home not only enhances efficiency in daily life, but also improves indoor air quality and promotes a greener living.

To promote the “Eco-Quality Home” concept, and showcase the benefits of an all-electric home, the "Eco-Quality Home" bazaar was held.

Various programmes had featured at the bazaar included the sharing of green living tips by Lai Lok-yi, a popular TV celebrity; cooking demonstration by nutritionist Mr Leslie Chan; on stage presentation of low-carbon cooking recipes by HK Electric’s Home Management Centre; and electricity safety talk by the Company’s Safety Ambassador.

Green home electric appliances such as induction cookers, water heaters and multi-functional dryers are keys to eco-friendly lifestyle. Since induction cooker operates without a combustion process, it emits no toxic gas and reduces waste heat discharge. The compact design of electric water heaters and ceiling mounted dehumidifiers inside bathrooms also allow homeowners greater flexibility in home decoration.

To support sustainable development, HK Electric will continually strive to promote environmentally responsible practices to its customers to work towards a greener Hong Kong.

“BEC Members Corner” is dedicated for BEC members to introduce their recent achievements, success stories, innovative ideas or solutions in environmental sustainability. To submit an article, please provide your English write-up with maximum 200 words to us, who will reserve the rights of editing and publishing. The submission deadline for upcoming BEC e-Newsletter is 22 July 2013 (Monday).

To submit an article or enquire about this section, please contact Ms Joey Hui (joey@bec.org.hk) or Ms Skyla Chan (skyla@bec.org.hk).

BEC Members Update

Please join BEC in welcoming the following members:

General Member

Cundall Hong Kong Limited

Gellert Eco Limited

3rd Party International Limited

CCBF and HBF Update

To learn about the latest news and activities of BEC’s initiatives Climate Change Business Forum (CCBF) and Harbour Business Forum (HBF), please click on the links below to visit their respective websites.



BEC Supporting Events

1 Feb - 31 Jul 2013 "Go Green Chopsticks" and Hong Kong Environmental Industry Summit 2013
4  Feb - 31 Jul 2013 Hang Seng Pan Pearl River Delta Environmental Awards
21 Sep - 1 Nov 2013 Hong Kong Cleanup 2013
21 Oct - 25 Oct 2013 Work-Life Balance Week
28 Oct - 31 Oct 2013 Eco Expo Asia 2013