June 2013

BEC Events

24 May 2013: BEC EnviroSeries Conference

BEC EnviroSeries Conference – Rising to Hong Kong’s Waste Challenge: Policies, Best Practices and Opportunities, was held at JW Marriott Hong Kong on 24 May, four days after the Environment Bureau’s announcement of Hong Kong Blueprint for Sustainable Use of Resources 2013-2022.  Over 20 local and overseas speakers share their experiences and views on waste management issues, and over 150 government officials, business leaders, decision makers, environmental experts and academics participated.

The Conference was started by a keynote presentation by Mr K S Wong, Secretary for the Environment of the HKSAR Government. When delivering the address on behalf of the Board, Mr Albert Chan emphasised the need for societal effort in reducing, reusing and treating the various types of waste in Hong Kong.

16 May 2013: Seminar on Integrated Reporting

Over 40 BEC members and guests gathered to have a better understanding and comment on Draft Integrated Reporting (IR) Framework on 16 May.

Mr Robert Gibson, Adjunct Professor of City University of Hong Kong, introduced the IR Framework; Dr Jeanne Ng, Director – Group Environmental Affairs of CLP, shared CLP’s approach and experience in IR reporting.

27 May 2013: BEC Luncheon Talk – Approaching the Requirements of the Latest Sustainability Reporting Guidelines

BEC invited a certified GRI trainer Mr Paul Davies, Principal and Head of Accountability of Banarra, to introduce and elaborate the newly released GRI G4 guidelines to 40 participants. Mr Davies highlighted the major changes in the G4 guidelines as compared to G3.1, elaborating the requirements in boundary and value chain, management approach, supply chain, governance, anti-corruption and materiality. Participants learnt how these aspects impact their reporting and how they help present the sustainability performance of their organisations to their stakeholders.

30 May 2013: BEC Leadership Networking Series

The talk on “Turning Carbon Into Diamond” attracted over 50 BEC members and guests on 30 May. Ir Conrad Wong, Vice Chairman of Yau Lee and Chairman of Hong Kong Green Building Council, gave an inspiring introduction to the various innovative green measures of Yau Lee Group in its pursuit of greener and more environmentally sound building and construction projects. Ir Wong reminded his audience that dedicating resources to green features is a good investment that can generate gains.

BEC Activity

BEC IEE Training Courses Now Open for Enrolment

The following building management and sustainability-related training courses will be offered by BEC Institute of Environmental Education (IEE) in July:

5 July 2013: “Green Property Management in Office Building” introduces the key concepts of green property management and ways to establish green offices and buildings.

9 & 10 July 2013: “Case Studies of BEAM Plus for Contractors” covers topics that contractors need to know to fulfil their BEAM Plus responsibilities. This course is regarded as General CPD Event for BEAM Pro.

10 July 2013: “The Business Case of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Disclosure for Hong Kong Companies” introduces corporate, social and environmental accountability, its relationship to risks and the importance of disclosure.

26 July 2013: “Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management & Improvement” covers the essential concepts of IAQ for practitioners responsible for facility/building management.

For course enquiry, please contact Dr Veronica Chan at 2784 3937 or beciee@bec.org.hk.

BEC Members Event

8 May: Industry Visit to Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Limited

BEC’s Industry Visit to Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Limited (NAMI) was held on 8 May. NAMI’s Chief Executive Officer Prof Ng Ka Ming and Chief Technology Officer Mr Peter Lee introduced the organisation and current research projects of NAMI. The group then toured the laboratory and viewed the product demonstration, which enhanced their understanding about nanomaterials and the development of nanotechnology in Hong Kong and overseas.

BEC Upcoming Event

27 Jun 2013: BEC Leadership Networking Series

Mr Thomas Chan, Energy Management Services Manager of Schneider Electric, will speak in June’s BEC Leadership Networking Series on green office workspace solutions and measures that help companies enhance their competitive edge while enjoy cost saving and increase staff satisfaction.

For registration or enquiry, please contact Ms Skyla Chan (skyla@bec.org.hk).

BEC News

Advertising on BEC Website and Using BEC Facilities

BEC website is recently enhanced to allow more rooms for members and partners to share their environmental news and developments. Banner advertisements are now available on the home page of the website. To learn more details, please click here .

Apart from members’ discount, special discount is offered from now on until 31 December 2013. To grasp this opportunity of sharing with like-minded business leaders and environmental practitioners, please contact BEC Events and Communications at 2784 3942 or email to communications@bec.org.hk.

If you are looking for a convenient location to host your environmental-related events and activities, you may contact Ms Skyla Chan at 2784 3942 or skyla@bec.org.hk for renting classrooms or the auditorium in Jockey Club Environmental Building.

BEC Members Corner

Hang Lung Publishes First Standalone Sustainability Report Themed “The Honest Advantage”

BEC Council Member Hang Lung Properties Limited has lately published its first standalone sustainability report for the financial year ending 31 December 2012.

Bearing the theme of “The Honest Advantage”, this sustainability report is not about presenting Hang Lung in the best possible light, but instead providing an open and thorough account of what both Hang Lung Group Limited and Hang Lung Properties Limited are doing well and, more importantly, what can be done even better in the future. The report echoes the theme of “We Do it Right” in the newly-published annual reports for the 2012 financial year which amplify the spirit and core values that the companies hold most dear in doing business.

The report provides copious information on Hang Lung’s sustainable development priorities, strategy and performance for FY2012, as well as its near-term sustainability strategy for FY2013 which will be used to benchmark the long-term strategy for the companies. It also covers the economic, social and environmental impacts of Hang Lung’s operations in Hong Kong and Mainland China, and addresses the related sustainability challenges and achievements on different fronts.

Hang Lung’s sustainability report is prepared in accordance with the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines G3.1 of the Global Reporting Initiative and the Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting Guide issued by The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.

For further information and details, please visit here.

“BEC Members Corner” is dedicated for BEC members to introduce their recent achievements, success stories, innovative ideas or solutions in environmental sustainability. To submit an article, please provide your English write-up with maximum 200 words to us, who will reserve the rights of editing and publishing. The submission deadline for upcoming BEC e-Newsletter is 20 June 2013 (Thursday).

To submit an article or enquire about this section, please contact Ms Joey Hui (joey@bec.org.hk) or Ms Skyla Chan (skyla@bec.org.hk).


BEC Members Update

Please join BEC in welcoming the following members:

Corporate Member

ASB Biodiesel (Hong Kong) Limited (Upgrade)  


Hong Kong District Cooling Company Limited


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TUV Rheinland Hong Kong Limited


CCBF and HBF Update

To learn about the latest news and activities of BEC’s initiatives Climate Change Business Forum (CCBF) and Harbour Business Forum (HBF), please click on the links below to visit their respective websites.




BEC Supporting Events

18 Feb - 31 Jul 2013 "Go Green Chopsticks" and Hong Kong Environmental Industry Summit 2013
20 Feb - 15 Aug 2013 Hang Seng Pan Pearl River Delta Environmental Awards
11 Jun 2013 Seminar on Waste Management cum Inauguration ceremony of Hong Kong Green Strategy Alliance (HKGSA)
14 Jun 2013 Hong Kong RFID Awards 2013
17 Jun 2013 第四屆「香港企業公民計劃」研討會 (Chinese version only)
21 Sep - 1 Nov 2013 Hong Kong Cleanup 2013
21 Oct - 25 Oct 2013 Work-life Balance Week
28 Oct - 31 Oct 2013 Eco-Expo 2013