November 2012

BEC Events

Leadership Networking Series on 25 October

About 60 BEC members and colleagues enjoyed the time of networking in the evening at BEC Auditorium on 25 October. During the event, Mr Richard Lancaster, Managing Director of CLP Power, introduced the importance of energy efficiency in business operations. Ms Martha Hao, the Head of Electro Mechanical Modules Division at Defond Group, shared the details on energy saving measures implemented in its plants in Mainland China.

Please note the next session will be held on 29 November 2012. Mr Albert Lam JP, Deputy Director of Environmental Protection, and Mr Mark Venhoek, CEO of SITA Waste Services, will share their views on waste management in Hong Kong. Stay tuned for more updates on BEC website!

Staunch Support for Eco-Expo Asia 2012

As one of the Task Force members of Eco-Expo Asia 2012, BEC renders support to the Expo by promoting it via various communications channels. On 27 to 30 October, BEC also set up a counter in the exhibition to introduce our mission and vision, as well as core services to industry practitioners and the public.

During the exhibition, BEC met industry experts and like-minded business representatives both from the territory and overseas to share opinions on the latest trend and development of environmental protection. We also attracted visitors of all ages on the public day of the exhibition to our counter and engaged them in some basic environmental issues.

BEC Low-carbon School 2012-2013

On 28 October, BEC successfully organised “BEC Low-carbon School 2012-2013” – “Dialogue with the Secretary for the Environment” in AsiaWorld-Expo. Almost 400 students expressed their ideas and opinions towards low-carbon economy to Mr K S Wong, JP, the Secretary for the Environment of HKSAR. Throughout the event, students showed strong interests in the topic and raised various environmental-related questions, creating a meaningful and inspiring discussion.

Commencing in November 2012, BEC will arrange In-school Talks and Company Visits about 80 local secondary schools, allowing their students to learn about the importance of developing low-carbon economy, as well as the latest green measures and technologies adopted by companies to reach better environmental performance. For more information on “BEC Low-carbon School 2012-2013”, please click here.

18 Leading Companies in Hong Kong Pledge to Reduce Carbon Emissions in their Buildings

On 25 October, 18 leading BEC and Climate Change Business Forum (CCBF) member companies announced a leadership pledge to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions in their commercial buildings. BEC joined its member companies in taking the pledge. These 18 companies are joining over 100 other signatories globally in taking the pledge, which originated with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Building Energy Pledge project is supported by the CCBF Best Practice Committee. Special acknowledgement goes to CLP, which introduced the Pledge to CCBF and chairs a dedicated Working Group on its implementation.

Please click here for the event highlights and details of Building Energy Pledge.

BEC Member Events

Industry Visit to Tai O Heritage Hotel

On 19 October, about 25 BEC members and staff visited the Tai O Heritage Hotel, which was transformed from the Old Tai O Police Station. The police station, graded as a Grade II historic building by the Antiquities Advisory Board in 2010, was revitalised under Development Bureau's Revitalising Historic Buildings through Partnership Scheme and re-opened as a colonial-style boutique heritage hotel in February 2012.

Hotel representatives nicely introduced the building’s vintage architectural charms and its legendary stories. During the visit, participants were particularly interested in the environmental facilities installed in the building. The visit was concluded with an enjoyable lunch at the classical restaurant in the hotel, where participants can chat and share their views about the visit.

BEC Partnership Program

The HSBC Living Business Awards 2012

Entering the 8th year, the HSBC Living Business Awards 2012 received over 800 applications for the three award categories – illustrating a remarkable commitment by the local small and medium-sized enterprises in environmental protection, community engagement and people caring. We thank all the companies who entered the Awards and their endeavour to drive for a sustainable business. Winners will be invited to present awards presentation ceremony held on 16 November at JW Marriott Hong Kong.

BEC Upcoming Events

14 November: BEC EnviroSeries Conference – Mastering Hong Kong’s Sustainability Challenges and Opportunities

The second BEC EnviroSeries Conference in 2012 will be organised on 14 November at JW Marriott Hong Kong.

This upcoming EnvrioSeries will focus on some of the most carbon intensive industries that are also key determinants to Hong Kong’s long-term economic growth. We have gathered experts coming from the built environment, energy and transportation sectors to review our existing operations models, to examine the challenges and opportunities ahead and to exchange ideas on the pursuit of Hong Kong’s overall sustainable development as these key driving forces of our city’s economic prosperity continue to thrive.

For registration or enquiry, please contact Skyla Chan (

29 November: Leadership Networking Series: Is Hong Kong’s Municipal Waste Manageable?

Sending waste to landfill is not the only option to disposal of municipal waste. Mr Mark Venhoek, CEO of SITA Waste Services Limited, will share various methods and techniques in handling municipal waste to understand more about the current development of waste management while taking sustainability into concern. With his fruitful work experience from waste management industry, members could grab the chance to share ideas and insights for handling municipal waste while minimising the environmental impact. In addition, Mr Albert Lam JP, Deputy Director of Environmental Protection, will share the latest work of the Department, and areas of collaboration between the Administration and the business sector.

For registration or enquiry, please contact Skyla Chan (

6 December: Business and Abundance: a Talk by Satish Kumar

BEC and Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden will co-organise the “Business and Abundance: a talk by Satish Kumar” on 6 December at BEC Auditorium. The talk is one of series of talks and a workshop about “Holistic Economics” conducted by Dr Satish Kumar, and will challenge narrow ideas about economics, and explore the interdependence between the health of the economy and that of the environmental, physical, social and spiritual lives.

Dr Kumar was a close collaborator of the renowned economist E F Schumacher, author of the groundbreaking book “Small is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered”. As a respected educator and chief editor of the Resurgence and Ecologist magazine, Dr Kumar writes, teaches and leads workshops internationally on reverential ecology, holistic education and voluntary simplicity. In this talk and related activities, he would like to address business leaders, in analysing the meaning of true wealth and how a balanced economy must be rooted in ecology.

For registration or enquiry, please click here.

BEC Upcoming Member Events

30 November: Industry Visit to the Plant of Swire Coca-Cola HK

BEC will organise an industry visit to the plant of Swire Coca-Cola HK (SCCHK) on 30 November. The visit will focus on the introduction of energy efficiency and water saving methods in beverage production process. SCCHK representative will also share his experience in Antarctica early this year with a group of 70 scientists, students, green groups and policy makers.

The visit is limited to BEC members only. Please return the registration form to to reserve a place. For more information, please contact Jun Ng (

Other upcoming Industry Visits:

21 January 2013: Energising Kowloon East Office (EKEO)

25 February 2013: ASB Biodiesel Production Plant

12 December: Seasonal Cocktail

December is just around the corner and it is time for BEC to send season’s greetings to members and partners. BEC will organise our “Seasonal Cocktail” on 12 December to celebrate the festive season. Invitation will be sent out later this month. Please take note of your mail box.

BEC Supporting Events

22 Sep 2012 – 2 Mar 2013 Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge 2012
9 Nov Sustainable Business in a Non-Sustainable World
13 Nov – 15 Nov InnoAsia 2012
16 Nov Sustainable Development: A Better Quality of Life 2012
29 Nov – 1 Dec Social Enterprise Summit 2012
3 Dec "Holistic Economics: How to Maximize your True Wealth" Talk
4 Dec "Ecology and Economy – Prosperity without Growth" Workshop
6 Dec – 7 Dec International Conference on Value Engineering and Management (ICVEM2012)
6 Dec – 8 Dec Inno Design Tech Expo
5 May – 8 May International Conference on Solid Waste 2013: Innovation in Technology and Management

BEC Member Update

Please join BEC in welcoming the following members:

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Hopewell Holdings Limited

Corporate Member
Mace Limited