Invitation for Expression of Interest to Tender for Term Contract for the Energy Monitoring System for Jockey Club BEAM Plus in Schools Project

  1. Background
    1. Business Environment Council Limited (“BEC”) is initiating a Jockey Club BEAM Plus in Schools Project (the “Project”). The Project is organised by BEC and co-organised by Hong Kong Green Building Council Limited and BEAM Society Limited (“BSL”)(“The co-organisers”).


    1. BEC is currently inviting interested parties to submit Express of Interest (“EOI”) for the provision of installation for energy monitoring system of the existing school buildings in Hong Kong.


    1. This Project is funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust (the “Donor”) and is supported by Education Bureau, Environment Bureau and Electrical and Mechanical Services Department.


    1. KC Surveyors Limited (“KCS”) is appointed by BEC as the consultancy firm of this Project.


    1. The Project aims to reduce carbon emissions of the existing schools and to assist the existing schools to achieve BEAM Plus certification by carrying out improvement works.


    1. The target participants of the Project are the existing primary and secondary schools.




  1. Scope of works


    1. The scope of works (the Services”) to be provided by the successful tenderer (“the contractor”) will generally include:


      1. Conducting an inspection to school to verify the school condition;


      1. Preparation and submission of the inspection report and drafting works order based on the contract rate;


      1. Coordination with school or end user to arrange the improvement works at school;


      1. Carrying out the installation works at School in accordance with the agreed schedule with School or end user;


      1. Preparation and submission of the statutory submission for the improvement work (if any);


      1. Preparation and submission of Operation and Maintenance (“O&M”) Manual, as-built drawing for wiring works (if any) and Testing and Commissioning (“T&C”) report;


      1. Preparation and submission of completion report and re-measurement record;


      1. Attending all meetings including site meeting and progress meetings when required; and


      1. Arrangement of repair work to any defects due to workmanship of material issue during Defect Liability Period/Warranty Period.


    1. The provision of the Services of this term contract will be estimated by re-measurement and will be regardless of the actual manpower cost and any other disbursement cost. The Contractor is obliged to complete the works in accordance with the contract up to the satisfaction of BEC/KCS.


  1. Project Period


    1. This is a 1 year Project with the commencement in April 2021. The Contractor shall provide the Services throughout the Project Period.


    1. The Contractor is targeted to be on-board in April 2021 tentatively.


  1. Project Deliverables


    1. The Contractor shall provide the following deliverables during the Project Period:


      1. School’s Inspection report to certify the feasibility of the proposed improvement work;


      1. Monthly progress report;


      1. Completion report with re-measurement record of equipment;


      1. All timely statutory submission to the statutory bodies, if any; and


      1. O&M Manual for equipment used at school.





  1. Manpower


    1. The project team proposed by the Contractors shall include but not limited to the staffs with the following minimum requirements:


      1. Qualified project lead with at least 15 years post-qualification experience in building services engineering, architecture, surveying or engineer in environmental discipline with relevant past project experience e.g. participation in School Improvement Works or Energy Monitoring Works;


      1. Qualified surveyor, building services engineer, architect, engineer in environmental discipline with at least 5 years post-qualification. BEAM Pro with BEAM Plus submission experience is preferable;


      1. Technical staff with relevant academic qualification in surveying, building services engineering, architecture, environmental engineering or any other construction related disciplines with relevant experience of school project or term contract.



  1. Shortlisting Criteria


    1. Upon submission of the EOI, eligible Contractors shall be shortlisted for proceeding to tender stage in accordance with the following selection criteria:


      1. Company background;


      1. Contractor's Experience in School Works / Term Contract Works;


      1. Contractor’s track records or project references of metering or sub-metering system, cloud-based energy monitoring system of various buildings and mobile applications or web server of energy monitoring system;


      1. Contractor 's Technical Resources/Manpower, qualification of key personnel;


      1. Contractor 's Financial Status;


      1. Environmental Policy;


      1. Quality Assurance Policy; and


      1. Safety Management.




  1. Expression of Interest


    1. Please express your interest by returning the following submissions to BEC via email to and  on or before 12:00 noon on 23 March 2021, Tuesday.


    1. Your EOI submission shall contain the following documents:


      1. The completed form of “Express of Interest” (Annex A);


      1. Company brochure;


      1. Organisation chart showing all key staffs, partnering companies or sub-consultants;


      1. Company financial statement in past three years;


      1. List of relevant project experience of metering or sub-metering system, cloud-based energy monitoring system of various buildings and mobile applications or web server of energy monitoring system in past three years; and


      1. Any other information and evidence demonstrate your capabilities;


      1. Company’s Environmental Policy/Quality Assurance Policy/Safety Management plan.


    1. Late submissions may not be further considered.




  1. Disclaimer


BEC shall not in any circumstances be liable for any costs, expenses and damages incurred or suffered by the interested parties in connection with the preparation and submission of this EOI to BEC, in the event not to invite any interested parties which has submitted their interest in response to this invitation to enter into any tendering exercise or an agreement for this Term Contract.



  1. Enquiries


Any enquiries regarding to the EOI shall be made in writing to the following person via email and

Ms Doris CHAN (BEC)            

Mr Ivan WONG (KCS)

Project Manager

Project Manager

Tel       : 2784 3975

Tel: 2782 2211


- End -