BEC Members Visit: HKU Centennial Campus

On 3 Dec 2010, 23 BEC members explored the HKU sustainable campus adjacent to the Lung Fu Shan Country Park.

The construction contractor of HKU Centennial Campus (HKUCC), Gammon, gave two presentations on the development of HKUCC. Mr Patrick Leung, Assistant Project Manager, explained the planning of HKUCC. Mr Kenneth Cheung, Senior Project Engineer, shared the construction site’s geographical constraints and feasible solutions.

Through their presentations, the participants learnt how Gammon restructured the Water Supplies Department’s reservoir and pipe gallery in a very steep site, protected the country park and preserved three heritage buildings. Gammon gave details of the sustainable and green practices of Gammon, including minimizing the water usage, output of waste, emissions and noise to the surrounding.

Special thanks to Gammon for their detailed and interesting presentation.