BEC Members Visit: Daya Bay

Twenty-one BEC members visited Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station on 18 February 2011. At Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station, Mr SH Chan, Corporate Development Director of CLP Power and Managing Director of Hong Kong Nuclear Investment Company (HKNIC), extended a warm welcome to all the participants. Mr Patrick Leung, Deputy Maintenance Manger of Daya Bay Nuclear Power Operations and Management Co. Ltd. (DNMC), gave an overview of the operation of the Daya Bay. He explained the spent fuel and waste management and the current practice for public disclosure to the guests.

Mr Steven Lau, First Deputy Managing Director, DNMC, along with other CLP representatives, led the tour in the Daya Bay. The guests visited exhibition hall, simulation room, emergency centre and Daya Bay viewing platform. The exhibition hall gave a clear and interactive explanation of the nuclear power technology and safety measures of nuclear power plant. BEC’s guests were able to get the first-hand information of how DNMC’s staff was trained in the simulation room and how the potential incidents were handled in the emergency centre.

Special thanks to CLP for arranging this visit to Daya Bay and hosting a palatable lunch.