BEC Members Visit: EcoPark

Twenty-five participants set off on the BEC membership visit to EcoPark on 20 June 2011. Upon the arrival of the Park, all our members were warmly welcomed by our CEO, Dr. Andrew Thomson and Ms Noel Au, Project Manager of EcoPark, who offered a brief presentation on the Park. She briefly outlined the structure of the Park and cast light on how recycling industries operate in the Park.

The participants visited 3 settlements through a guided tour. The first was St. James Settlement “WEEE GO GREEN” EcoPark, devoting itself to recycling and redistributing waste electrical appliances to the needy. The guests then proceeded to Yan Oi Tong EcoPark Plastics Resources Recycling Centre. After the explanation of the 7 classifications of plastic offered by the representative, the BEC members visited its recycling plants where they witnessed the recycling processes and final products. Finally, the BEC’s guests were to visit Champway Technology Ltd. Our members discovered the technology and facilities that enable the firm to transform food waste into bio-diesel which is of potential economic value.

Special thanks to the EcoPark for arranging this visit.