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BEC EnviroSeries Conference 2020: Urban Transport on the Move: Connecting Policies, People and Business Opportunities
Event Date: 27 Nov 2020
Venue: Online


Transport is an important sector in Hong Kong – it enables the movements of people and goods, facilitates Hong Kong’s efficient commercial and business functions, and contributes to Hong Kong’s economic performance. At the personal level, transport supports people’s mobility needs and gets them connected.

However, unchecked growth in motorisation, over-reliance on fossil fuel vehicles and the car-centric city planning culture will exacerbate the transport sector’s impact on the environment. There are calls for rethinking the role of transport in the urban landscape and how cities should be planned so as to maintain the mobility functions on the one hand, and to minimise externalities such as air pollution, greenhouse gases emissions and the loss of public space on the other.  

With COVID-19 and climate change, these questions become even more valid and pressing.  It is timely and necessary for policy makers, the business sector and the general public to explore how COVID-19 and decarbonsiation will reshape urban mobility. There are opportunities to respond to the changing mobility need of people and delivery of goods as well as to transform transport operation for better efficiency and enhanced resilience.

EnviroSeries Conference is one of BEC’s flagship events held twice per year that aims to provide a cross-sector forum to discuss and address key issues related to Hong Kong’s environmental sustainability. This is now an opportune time for us to re-visit and re-focus on transport.


Session 1: Planning for a Sustainable and People-centric Urban Transport System

Session 2: Future Private Mobility and Public Transport

Session 3: Business Innovation and Opportunities in Post-COVID-19 Urban Mobility

Session 4: Promoting Active and Inclusive Transport



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