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BEC Biodiversity Ambassador Training Programme: Marine Biodiversity Conservation

Funded by the Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) and the Environmental Campaign Committee (ECC) and with the support from the Ocean Park Conservation Fund Hong Kong (OPCFHK), BEC has initiated its first advocacy programme entitled “BEC Biodiversity Ambassador Training Programme: Marine Biodiversity Conservation” on biodiversity conservation since October 2015, so as to support Government’s direction on the development of Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (BSAP).

This Programme not only aims to raise public awareness on marine biodiversity conservation, but also to empower our young generations with the knowledge on marine biodiversity and individual’s effort on conservation, and foster them to influence their own social circles and neighbourhood through a series of educational activities.  Key elements of the Programme include:

1. Introductory Talks on Marine Biodiversity Conservation

BEC will organise Introductory Talks for 20 local secondary schools to provide participating students with in-depth knowledge and opportunities on practising conservative actions on marine biodiversity conservation in their daily lives.

2. Marine Biodiversity Conservation Day

BEC Biodiversity Ambassadors (including students and corporate volunteers) will explore the wilderness of Hong Kong via a guided eco-tour follow up with a large-scale in-situ coastal cleanup in Tung Chung in late January 2016.  Through the learning-by-doing approach, BEC Biodiversity Ambassadors will be introduced to the concept of nature conservation and the major habitats and species of the visiting site and learn to identify the adverse impact of marine littering on coastal environment and creatures.

3. BEC Biodiversity Ambassador Workshops

To facilitate BEC Biodiversity Ambassadors in disseminating messages on marine biodiversity conservation to the general public through the upcoming series of roving exhibitions, BEC will organise tailor-made workshops to empower BEC Biodiversity Ambassadors with the techniques and skills on knowledge transfer via effective interpersonal communication.

4. Roving Exhibitions on “Marine Biodiversity Conservation” cum BEC Biodiversity Ambassador’s Sharing Sessions

To raise public awareness on marine biodiversity conservation, BEC will organise a series of 3 roving exhibitions cum sharing sessions in the community.  The rich marine biodiversity of Hong Kong and its current conservation status will be introduced to the public by BEC Biodiversity Ambassadors, thereby demonstrate actions every individual could take to help with biodiversity conservation.  To acknowledge and recognise the contribution made by BEC Biodiversity Ambassadors, BEC will host a closing ceremony during the last roving exhibition.

Please click here to download the Enrolment Form and here to download the full details of the programme (Chinese version only).

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