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Environmental Management Tools for Construction, Electrical and Electronic Sectors

The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) commissioned a SME Study in 1999 and completed in 2001. SME Study concluded that majority of ISO 14001 certified companies are large companies rather than SMEs, and about 83% of local SMEs have no or little knowledge on EMS/ISO 14001 and did not perceive the benefits of ISO 14001 EMS. As recommended in the 1999 SME Study, electrical/electronic sector (from manufacturing industry), and construction sector (from the service industry) were identified as high priority sectors, which warrant support for EMS implementation. The recommendations of the SME Study were further supported by the recent global and local trend in ISO 14001 certification and the current trend of supply chain pressure.

In view of the sustained need from the SMEs in the electrical/electronic sector and the construction sector for the support in implementation of EMS, it is therefore recommended to compile environmental management information related to latest trend in supply chain pressure and international environmental requirements, and develop user-friendly generic ISO 14001 EMS templates with sector-specific practical examples for the SMEs in the two selected sector, to facilitate their adoption and implementation of ISO 14001 EMS. With the support of Business Environment Council, Environmental Protection Department (EPD) has launched a website to disseminate the information to SMEs in both construction sector and electrical and electronic sector

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