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HSBC Living Business Programme

HSBC Living Business Awards 2017

Supported by the Business Environment Council, The Hong Kong Council of Social Service and the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management, the HSBC Living Business Awards 2017 is open to all small and medium enterprises ("SMEs") in Hong Kong.

Since its launch in 2004, the HSBC Living Business Programme has been helping local SMEs become more competitive and productive by incorporating socially and environmentally sustainable practices into their business operations. The programme provides a learning platform for SMEs to understand the best practices in corporate sustainability and offers recognition to SMEs with outstanding performance.

Entering its thirteenth year, the 2017 programme will not only focus on the sustainability of an individual business or corporation, but will move a step further to promote sustainability along supply chain – 'Supply Chain Sustainability'. Supply chain sustainability is the management of environmental, social and economic impacts, and the encouragement of good governance practices in the supply chain of a business. Sustainable supply chain can help businesses better manage their business risks, identify and realise operational efficiencies, create sustainable products and services, and ultimately generate sustainable values for all stakeholders.

SME participants can enter for awards in any of three categories, including the Community Engagement Award, the Green Achievement Award and the Caring for People Award.

Applicants can be self-nominated or nominated by other companies / HSBC Living Business Ambassador(s). Please complete the application form and submit it to BEC on or before 31 August 2017. Application forms can be downloaded from the HSBC Living Business website at

Companies with good practices in supply chain management are welcome to nominate their supply chain partners to participate in HSBC Living Business Awards. For companies who nominate at least five successful applicants of HSBC Living Business Awards and can show their commitment on sustainable supply chain, will be recognised and awarded Certificate of “HSBC Living Business Sustainable Business Partners”.

All past HSBC Living Business Awards winners are entitled to join the Scheme and invited to nominate their business partners and peers to join HSBC Living Business Awards. Past winner who nominates the most SMEs to participate in the Awards will be recognised as the “HSBC Living Business Best Ambassadors Award” and a cash prize of HKD5,000 will be presented to the winner.

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