Connecting, Nurturing, Creating for Sustainable Environment


As a leading advocate of the business case for environmental excellence and sustainability, BEC recognises that we cannot work alone. An important part of our work is to build consensus and facilitate actions by working with government, business and community bodies. Our support for the growing movement towards environmental excellence and sustainable development continues to help connect different stakeholders.

Our programmes have spanned all economic sectors: banking and finance, travel and tourism, manufacturing and trading, import and export, hotel and restaurant, property, construction, and others. By working together with our network of partners, we keep each other informed of latest trends, technologies and management practices both in Hong Kong and overseas.

We address environmental and sustainability concerns, with the overall objective of improving performance, and moving Hong Kong towards a low carbon economy. Annually, BEC hosts and supports various programmes in different formats, including our flagship EnviroSeries conferences and environmental award schemes.


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