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Fostering Sustainable Consumption for Hong Kong Business and the Community

The BEC “Fostering Sustainable Consumption for Hong Kong Business and the Community” Programme is organised by Business Environment Council (BEC) and funded by the Sustainable Development Fund, aiming to promote sustainable consumption and drive behavioural changes in Hong Kong.

According to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations in 2015, the transition towards more responsible consumption patterns is crucially important. In Hong Kong, the Consumer Council published a study report in 2016, stating that “not enough information” and “not easy to acquire” are the two major factors prohibiting Hong Kong citizens from consuming in a sustainable way. 

In view of this, BEC is developing a Guide on sustainable consumption, a recognition scheme, an online product directory, a mobile application and a series of roving exhibitions to raise awareness and encourage commitments across the board to promote sustainable consumption.

I)   About the Programme

1. BEC Guide on Sustainable Consumption

This is a guide to facilitate understanding of business sector and the general public on the background and importance of sustainable consumption.

Contents include:

  • Introduction to Sustainable Consumption
  • Examples of Sustainable Products and Labels
  • Cases Study of Sustainable Procurement

Please click HERE for the full version of the guide.

2. Online Directory of Sustainable Products and Services

The online directory offers a one-stop platform for corporates to search for sustainable products and related information, with an aim to encourage enterprises to engage in sustainable procurement



Socially Responsible

Products from Social Enterprises

Sustainable Poultry and Livestock

organic, forest-friendly, harmless to marine life, etc.

energy-efficient, water-efficient, recycled content, eco-packaging, etc.

good manufacturing practices, fairtrade products, etc.

products and services provided by social enterprises

antibiotics-free, non-GM, etc.

The Sustainable Consumption Website is available at:

3. Mobile Application

The mobile app is to be developed to enable the general public to obtain information on sustainable consumption. It includes an introduction to sustainable consumption and a directory of sustainable products and stores.

The Sustainable Consumption mobile app is available at:

iOS       Android

4. Sustainable Consumption Recognition Scheme

The Recognition Scheme aims to encourage enterprises to consider the environmental and social impacts of the products and services they purchased, and to recognise companies which show commitment to sustainable consumption. Companies are welcome to join as “Sustainable Consumption Enterprise” or “Sustainable Product Supplier”. Outstanding participants will be recognised by an award scheme under this programme. For enquires and details, please contact Mr Sam Chan (T. 2784 3914) or Mr Cannes Wong (T. 2784 3957) or E. .

5. Roving Exhibitions and Publicity

To promulgate the concept of sustainable consumption to different sectors of the community, a total of 6 roving exhibitions will be arranged at shopping malls and housing estates.

Il)      What is Sustainable Consumption Enterprise?

Benefits of Participation

  • To echo with the SDG established by the United Nations
  • To promote sustainable consumption performance of Hong Kong’s business sector
  • To improve corporate image and competitiveness
  • To demonstrate company’s contribution in sustainable consumption through a scheme logo mark on a certificate

For enquires and details, please contact Mr Sam Chan at T. 2784 3914 or E. .

To join as Sustainable Consumption Enterprise, please submit the application form with supporting document(s) to

Application Form: Word  PDF

More details: PDF

IlI)       What is Sustainable Product Supplier?

Benefits of Participation

  • Online promotion of sustainable product features and connection with potential buyers
  • Improvement of corporate image and differentiation in the market
  • Display of scheme logo and awarded with a certificate

For enquires and details, please contact Mr Cannes Wong at T. 2784 3957 or E. .

To join as Sustainable Product Supplier, please submit the application form with supporting document(s) to

Application Form: Word  PDF

More details: PDF

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